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I need to reduce pain and find balance.
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I need to reduce pain and find balance.
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I’m a registered Chiropractor.
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Recently Joined

Sami Grosse


Your local fitness and health professional, ready to help you start on your fitness journey. Check out my calendar for available bookings.

Sasha Sheppard


Athletic Therapist

Certified Athletic Therapist working in the Barrie/Innisfil/Newmarket area.

Oriental Healthy Massage


Asian Massage in Wilmington | Foot Massage Therapy | Oriental Massage De

Dolin Wam


Here to help you!




Looking for a gym? Look no further

Brian Williams


Sports Nutritionist

Hi there!

Melissa Williams


Shiatsu Practitioner, Stone Therapist

Pick a service to book me!

Fitness Club


Personal Trainer, Spa

The perfect place for you to train and recover.

John Wick



I am a good at what I do.

Ma’am Exams


Know About How Does CoolSculpting Work at

assignment helpaus


Assignment Help in Canada, US and Australia provides best and original business assignment writing help services by team of Canada and USA professors.

Susan Haberkorn


Counselor/Therapist, Raindrop Technique

Christian Pastoral Counselor and Natural Health Practitioner. Dedicated to your wellness through holistic therapies that address mind, body, spirit.

Andrea Price


Massage Therapist > Deep Tissue Massage, Massage Therapist > Aromatherapy

I have been practicing Massage Therapy for over 20 years and I have extensive knowlege with pain and stress management in regards to the body

Barbara Lloyd


Health Coach

Welcome to the beginning of the new you... finally feel good in your clothes, have energy to socialize/exercise and find your mental mojo!

Janice Buckler


Your local fitness and health professional, ready to help you start on your fitness journey. Check out my calendar for available bookings.

iphoto Lounge


Canada's premiere interactive photo booth service catering to Toronto, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Maple, Thornhill and GTA powered by augmented reality.

Mary-Anne MacPherson


Your local fitness and health professional, ready to help you start on your fitness journey. Check out my calendar for available bookings.

Justine MacDonald


Wellness Practitioner, Yoga

I work with women over the age of 40 that are beginning to notice changes due to their hormones. I help them feel good again!

Soboba Weight Loss



Medical Weight Loss Orange County | Soboba Weight Loss Clinic

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What experts are saying


Heather Speer

Personal Trainer, Myriad Fitness

"I love FHMatch! It is great to have one spot for fitness, health and wellness professionals to interact and be booked! I can build my brand awareness AND showcase my skills!"


Paul Papoutsakis

Athletic Therapist/Acupuncturist for the National Ballet of Canada

"FHMatch minimizes my administrative work so I can focus on my clients' health and wellbeing."


Mirna Sharafeddine

Holistic Nutritionist - VitaMIMI

"FHMatch is the future for connecting clients to the right fitness, health & wellness professionals. The platform has a great layout and is very easy to navigate. As a Holistic Nutritionist working primarily online, FHMatch is the perfect place to showcase my skills and increase awareness of my services. Thank you!”

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