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I need to reduce pain and find balance.
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I need to reduce pain and find balance.
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I’m a registered Chiropractor.
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Recently Joined

Platinum Group


Platinum group was founded by Shri Swatantra Gupta and Shri Vijay Mehta in 2006 with a vision to create landmarks in real estate.

peter bohme



The fastest way to create the change you want is with Hypnosis. Because it works on the subconscious level where your unwanted beliefs exist.

Lost Love Vashikaran


Pandit Ji can offer you best love problem solutions­­­ related to your love life. Love is so painful that no one wants to have any type of love disput

Ann Schnurr



Providing psychodynamic psychotherapy to individuals and couples. Specializing in Depression, Anxiety and Passive Aggressive Anger.

Rich Baker



Rich has studied with shamen and alternative healers for over 15 years and is still studying to this day. He is a Medical Intuitive, Ordained Minister

Line Troster



Line Troster has practiced physiotherapy with knowledge, skill and passion since 1972 in France, Switzerland, and in Canada since 1980.

Andrei Yakovenko


Your local fitness and health professional, ready to help you start on your fitness journey. Check out my calendar for available bookings.

Judy Mackenzie


Your local fitness and health professional, ready to help you start on your fitness journey. Check out my calendar for available bookings.

Mateo Lino


Personal Trainer, CMCC > Chiropractor Student

I'm a Personal Trainer and a Doctor of Chiropractic student intern.

Brandon Greene


Strength Coach, Weightlifting

My name is Brandon Greene. I am an online and in-person trainer certified through ACE. I am also a Navy veteran and college student.

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College


Doctor > Chiropractor

CMCC is a world leader in chiropractic education and research.

Happy at Home Care


Doctor > Homeopath

Best Home Health Care in Pittsburgh, PA

heiwa heaven


Heiwa Heaven is a Jaipur based luxury resort that comes with a complete package. With providing an amazing location for hosting parties, it is also we

Karen Johanson


Personal Trainer, Personal Trainer

I help people battle Parkinson's via exercise via scientifically-proven programming utilizing boxing, functional fitness and nutrition.

National Council for Certified Personal Trainers


Personal Trainer

NCCPT is to determine entry-level competence of the Personal Trainer who will provide safe and effective personal training programs to the public

Jasnica Turk


Your local fitness and health professional, ready to help you start on your fitness journey. Check out my calendar for available bookings.

Julie Bereczki


Holistic Nutrition Professional

Julie is a Holistic Nutritionist, NNCP. She studied at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC, the most comprehensive program in Canada.

Justin Minick


Personal Trainer, Weightlifting

Excited for the opportunity to potentially encourage other individuals to reach further, beyond their personal goals and expectations in each session!

Amber Competition Bikinis


Fitness Coach, Contest Prep Coach > Bikini

We are specialized in custom made bikini competition suits and we love what we do! Our mission is to create beautiful high quality competition posing

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Heather Speer

Personal Trainer, Myriad Fitness

"I love FHMatch! It is great to have one spot for fitness, health and wellness professionals to interact and be booked! I can build my brand awareness AND showcase my skills!"


Paul Papoutsakis

Athletic Therapist/Acupuncturist for the National Ballet of Canada

"FHMatch minimizes my administrative work so I can focus on my clients' health and wellbeing."


Mirna Sharafeddine

Holistic Nutritionist - VitaMIMI

"FHMatch is the future for connecting clients to the right fitness, health & wellness professionals. The platform has a great layout and is very easy to navigate. As a Holistic Nutritionist working primarily online, FHMatch is the perfect place to showcase my skills and increase awareness of my services. Thank you!”

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