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About FHMatch

Our Story

In our experience, finding credible services from professionals that fit needs was a frustrating and time-consuming exercise, with no central place to search, select, and connect. There had to be an easier way.

We all know where to go to find recommendations and ratings for restaurants and travel accommodations, why couldn’t we have this for fitness, health and wellness professionals?

In early 2014, after fourteen months of research and development, we founded Fitness Health Match Inc., a central website focused on customer engagement and showcasing professional profiles.

We felt it would be important to be easy to use, and as robust as the current social media platforms. We also required the website to be open, accessible, free, and ultimately optimized. The result of our efforts was FHMatch.com.

Our mission is to become the premier global social networking site, promoting the health and well-being of the public, by helping consumers locate qualified professionals in the Fitness, Health and Wellness community.

FHMatch Promise

We always want you to have a great experience with FHMatch.

FHMatch focuses on the importance of bringing consumers free access to professionals and removing the everyday frustration of locating qualified fitness, health and wellness professionals in their area. Giving consumers a voice to connect with professionals and providing a place for professionals to showcase their skills on a significant, credible and reliable platform.

It's your website

A central spot for professionals in fitness, health and wellness and clients to interact on a safe and reliable platform.

It’s a client discovery tool

Clients in your area looking for your services can find you. See when your profile is viewed, chat with prospective clients and be booked effortlessly.

It's an interactive network

Easily chat with new and current clients and professionals, get feedback, build brand awareness and relationships.

It's a powerful scheduling tool

Schedule new appointments, hassle free. Clients can view your availability and you’ll receive booking requests as they need you.

It's a payments & invoicing system

Easily collect a deposit on confirmed bookings, send invoices and collect payments on services you provide

Our Company

FHMatch - Fitness Health Match, a social networking platform focused on connecting professionals specializing in fitness, health and wellness with consumers looking for their services in the area.

It's a complete business management platform for professionals; marketing, SEO, brand optimization and client management. This allows professionals to reduce costs and spend more time providing excellent customer service, there by reducing the high attrition rates in the industry.

We are evolving word of mouth; revolutionizing the way consumers access and connect with professionals, globally. By providing a platform for professionals to be found, collect reviews, schedule their clients, send invoices and collect payment. While providing consumers with free access to professionals.

There has never been a better time to evolve the old school way of connecting.

Our Leaders

David Quenneville


Adam Arifi

Co-Founder, EVP

David Quenneville


As a past collegiate competitor and active participant in rugby, soccer and mountain bike racing, I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and helping consumers find the right fit for professional health and wellness services.

Professionally, I have over 20 years of experience in senior portfolio management, across several verticals in relationship management where my career has focused on customer benefit to value and strategic mapping.

As a dynamic leader with a consistent and methodical approach, I focus on executing strategic positions on targets and standards in the digital age.

Adam Arifi

Co-Founder, EVP

When I was first approached about my thoughts on FHMatch, I immediately valued the idea of a web-platform that would concentrate on customer engagement and client access, while showcasing professionals involved in the health and wellness industry. Although I lead a very active lifestyle, over the years I have been plagued with numerous reoccurring injuries. As a result I understand the struggle and difficulty involved in locating a reliable knowledgeable professional to treat my chronic aches and pains.

Trying to locate a professional has always been a painful and time consuming process. This led me to realize the importance of FHMatch and that it is a much need solution in the marketplace. I bring my unique background as an entrepreneur and small business owner, along with an abundance of determination and life-skills to help build FHMatch’s success.