3 Nutritional Strategies To Help Battle Depression Whether you’ve just been feeling a little blue lately or you have been diagnosed with mild depression, there are some nutritional strategies that can help you get feeling well again. While you should never not take medication that is being prescribed by a health professional if they recommend it, don’t be so quick to think that that’s all you need to be doing. Very often, nutrition can play a big role in how well – or not well – you feel. Let’s look at a few of the top nutritional strategies to consider to help you combat feelings of depression. Eat Salmon Twice Per Week The very first thing you’ll want to be doing is making sure that you are taking in enough omega-3 fatty acids in your diet plan. The best source for this nutrient? Salmon. Omega-3’s are brain boosters and can not only help minimize feelings of depression, but also help to prevent age-related cognitive decline as well. If you eat salmon twice per week and focus on other omega-3 rich foods such as walnuts and flaxseeds, you should be getting what you need. Eliminate Gluten From Your Diet The next step is to consider eliminating gluten from your diet plan. While some people tolerate gluten fine, others do notice they don’t feel as well on it. This can range from experiencing more severe headaches to issues related to gas, bloating, stomach pain, aching joints, or feelings of depression. Try cutting out all gluten from your diet for a week or two and see if you feel any better. If you do, that might be a sign that gluten is not for you. Remember to read all ingredient labels to find hidden sources of gluten in your diet plan. It’s often found in foods like condiments, sauces, as well as even in some dairy products. It can take a bit of work to cut gluten out completely, but in the end, it will be worth it if it is impacting you negatively. Snack On Complex Carbohydrates The next must-do if you hope to minimize feelings of depression is to snack often on complex carbohydrates. When you eat complex carbohydrates , your brain is going to release a feel good neurotransmitter called serotonin. This chemical is actually going to help you feel happy, less stressed, and calmer. There is a reason you crave carbs when stressed! Just be sure that you are snacking on complex varieties and not on simple sugar. If you eat too much simple sugar, it can have the opposite effect and cause you to feel worse than before. Great options include brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, beans and lentils, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. So there you have three great strategies that you can start using to help get yourself feeling better and in a positive mood state. Realize that change may not happen immediately, but if you stick with a healthy eating protocol over time, you should start to notice positive results happening. About the Author: FHMatch, all-in-one `Business in a Box! If you're a professional this is for you, it’s always FREE to showcase your profile on FHMatch ! Empowering professionals to engage, manage and grow their client base - everything you need to get started in 3 min or less. |Merchant Payments| Unlimited - No Fee Booking, Invoicing & Messaging| Showcase Photos & Videos, Subsidized Insurance| Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , Pinterest , LinkedIn