3 Strategies that have Potential Clients Say Yes When most Coaches and Holistic Practitioners think about how to start getting the word out about their business and hoping to attract clients, they are usually missing a key step in the process of creating their “Client Attraction Plan.” What are they missing? They haven’t yet chosen a strategy that makes it super easy for people to say Yes. The good news is that for most Coaches and Holistic Practitioners, there are only 3 Strategies to choose from. Once you make this choice, it becomes much easier to focus your efforts on which strategy is most effective for you. When it comes to a Potential Client saying Yes, there is an important moment when a potential client goes from “not ready to work with you” to a Yes. We call this moment the point of conversion. #1: Private Consultation (Free or Low Cost) This is the most common strategy for most Coaches and Holistic Practitioners. During a private consultation, you provide great value to your potential client by asking a series of questions that have them understand where they are now, where they want to be and what is in the way. Then you offer three recommendations. The first two are tips they can use right away to move closer to what they want. The third recommendation is to continue to work together, if it seems like a good match. We are personally fans of offering a package of sessions, at a minimum, although consultations also work to offer group programs, VIP days, workshops and more. We recommend this strategy for most Coaches and Holistic Practitioners because once you create a cool name for your Free Consult and focus all of your outreach and promotional efforts on driving people to your Free Consult, you’ve got a simple system to get clients that you can rinse and repeat. #2: Virtual Events like Free Teleseminars or Webinars The second way that people might say yes to you is during some kind of a virtual event like a free teleseminar or free webinar. During teleseminars and webinars, you teach content that your potential clients are hungry to learn and toward the end, you offer the opportunity to continue to work together. There is a true art to delivering a valuable webinar that leads elegantly to your offer. And there are some technology platforms you’ll have to learn to be effective with webinars and teleseminars. When you first start leading webinars or teleseminars, we recommend you offer a free or low-cost consultation so that you can discover privately what each potential client wants to get out of working with you and you can also work with any concerns they might have. Once you get more skilled and you feel more confident leading teleseminars and webinars then you can move on to making a straight offer on your teleseminar or webinar. (Now for a lot of people that sounds really scary but don’t worry ... you can get there eventually.) It does take some time to master this but as long as you’re good at delivering valuable Free Consultations that get a Yes, this is a great way to get clients. #3: Speaking to Groups in person (workshops, speaking gigs or live events) When I mention speaking in front of a group of people, most Coaches and Holistic Practitioners get really nervous. However, we have clients who are happily earning $10,000+ each month speaking to small groups of 10-15 people! When you’re speaking to a group, you must make an offer for people to continue to work with you. Most people start doing something free. Again, the Free Consultation is a really great way to get started. As you can see, starting with offering a valuable free consultation with a cool name is important in all 3 of these strategies--and this is something you must master. Sometimes Coaches and Holistic Practitioners try to skip over the “talking to people” part of enrolling new clients and they hope they can just run some Facebook Ads and have people sign up on their website. While this might happen to you, it’s not likely to happen until you’ve spent plenty of time getting to know your ideal clients and understanding them deeply. Bottom line is if you want a successful Coaching or Holistic Business, you must master the Free Consultation. And once you do, all of your marketing will be geared toward getting you more consults. And then once you become too busy to do so many free consults, it will be time to consider offering paid consults, or even making an offer for a paid program during your webinars and speaking gigs. While this seems simple, without making this decision about the next action you want your ideal clients to take when they hear about you, you could spin your wheels trying to figure out how to promote your business, so your marketing actually works. About the Author: Sharla Jacobs, Thrive Academy Your People Are Waiting For You. They Need The Transformation Only You Can Provide. We’re Here To Help You Find Them. My Name Is Jesse Koren And Before My Wife Sharla And I Taught over 50,000 Holistic Coaches and Holistic Practitioners how to Confidently Attract Clients.