I don’t know about you, but other people really cramp my workout style. Whether it’s having to hover for a cross-trainer or squeezing in at the back of a class, I feel like half of my sessions are spent releasing the frustration generated from simply making it to the gym. Of course, one answer is to upgrade to a better, more exclusive gym. My issue with this is that, for the price of an annual membership, I could probably afford a private fitness studio at home, like… A Tennis Court Getting a social fix while I’m exercising always feels like an efficient use of my time, and if I could play a few games of tennis without having to book a court, all the better. A full-sized doubles court is 78’ x 36’, and, if you were to build your own, you’ll probably want a reasonable perimeter for fencing (unless you really enjoy running after missed balls, or own a reliable dog). Surfacing is important, whether you prefer playing on a hard court, grass of clay. Tennis Court Construction Experts, Sovereign Sports, offer easy-to-maintain synthetic versions of all three, so creating your dream arena should be easy. The best net for your game will depend a little on how much you intend to use it, the length of your play and the surface you’ve chosen for your court, but the general rule of thumb is that nets made from a braided, solid-core yarn are preferred to ones that use a twisted, or non-core yarn. Swimming Pool Fed up of sharing lanes? Me too. Yes, a pool is an investment that you’re never guaranteed to see returned when you sell your home, but if you will get a decent amount of use from it and you don’t intend to sell up any time soon, don’t let that stop you. If your primary goal is to keep fit or improve your performance in the water, a lap pool (also known as an endless pool) could be the answer. Significantly smaller than a standard pool, a lap pool creates an artificial current so that you never reach its end, and has just enough space for you to perfect your form. They are also generally cheaper to install and run than a full pool, so if having a nice spot to relax at the end of the day is more important than somewhere for the kids to splash around, a lap pool is all you need. A Dance / Yoga Studio One of my biggest pet peeves is checking that only 8 spaces have been filled in my Yin Yoga before I leave work, only to show up and discover an additional fifteen people made a late booking. I’m left somewhere near the back-middle of the room, barely able to see the instructor, let alone check my form in the mirror. If you have the space, a private dance studio would be the perfect solution for housing yoga, Pilates, ballet and any other form of dance, without someone blocking the view. Starting with a sprung floor (perfect for protecting yourself from injury and soaring jetés), or at least a padded, vinyl surfacing. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors are the next must-have, with a wall-mounted barre in front. The amount of equipment you need obviously depends on your favourite exercises; a yoga mat, swiss ball and roller are necessary basics, but if you feel like spoiling yourself then a Pilates trapeze could be the way to go. Don’t forget a sound system and some kind of screen if you like to follow tutorials or listen to music while you work. Martial Arts Gym If you’ve ever tried kickboxing, Krav Maga or MMA, you’ll know that not only is it a fantastic self-defence skill, but it’s one heck of a work out. Practicing in front of a room full of people can be awkward though, and there’s every chance that you’ll be paired up with someone that doesn’t match your fitness level. Bringing a trainer to a private martial arts gym means you can go at your own pace, and practice whenever you like between sessions. Regardless of which martial arts you practice, the most important feature of your gym will be an area of foam floor to spar on. Equipment-wise you will at least want a tall punch bag, kettle bells and a bench or squat rack. Gloves (and pads for your partner or trainer) are also a good idea, and, if you have the room, additional bags like a speed bag and floor-to-ceiling ball. While these might be a little beyond the average budget (and garden), at least dreaming of your own personal gym might distract you from the one you currently share with the general public. About the author: Dakota enjoys sharing her experiences of living a healthy lifestyle through her blog posts. Working as a freelance writer for a multitude of different industries, when she's not writing or cooking up a storm in her kitchen she enjoys hiking and countryside walks with her family.