4 Easy Habits To Boost Your Metabolism – You Got This! You have probably learned by now that there is no quick fix for weight loss. Sadly, there is no miracle pill, food, or 3-minute workout that will magically drop the pounds. However, it is true that some foods affect your body differently than others, giving them the ability to help you burn more calories. We should clarify that though these foods have calorie-burning affects, they do not technically increase your metabolism. As you age, your metabolism natural slows. To help delay this natural decrease, follow these steps. Eat small, frequent meals. Eating frequently will keep your blood sugar levels consistent, helping you avoid energy crashes and hunger surges. With your blood sugar at a constant and normal level, your body doesn’t have to work as hard and your metabolism will slow at a more gradual pace. Eat enough. While most think that the more calories you cut from your diet the more weight you’ll be able to lose, this is not exactly true. Restricting calories too fast when dieting can be a metabolism killer. If you are dieting, gradually cut calories to avoid crashing your metabolism for good. Many people are also surprised at just how few calories they consume throughout the day, making a lack of calories a shocking reason their metabolism has slowed. Speak with a doctor or nutritionist to get a clear idea of how many calories is ideal for your body and goal, and stick to that number. Protein, please! Eggs, lean meat, and Greek yogurt are protein-packed. Foods high in protein are rich in amino acids, which keep your metabolism revving. Protein also keeps you full throughout the day, lessening your chances for mindless calorie consumption. Spice up your life. Eating spicy foods such as red peppers contain a natural chemical called capsaicin which is known to kick metabolism into high speed. The chemical and the spice of peppers give them a thermogenic effect, which means your body uses more energy (in the form of calories) consuming them than other foods. About the Author: FHMatch, all-in-one `Business in a Box’! If you're a professional this is for you, it’s always FREE to showcase your profile on FHMatch! Empowering professionals to engage, manage and grow their client base - everything you need to get started in 3 min or less. |Merchant Payments| Unlimited - No Fee Booking, Invoicing & Messaging| Showcase Photos & Videos, Subsidized Insurance|