Looking to stay warm as the temperature drops? If so, you may be turning to any number of your favorite comfort foods. Unfortunately, many of these aren’t going to be doing your diet proud. The good news is that there are plenty of great foods that not only nourish your body, but warm your soul. Check out these four options to get started. Oatmeal There are few things as delicious as a hearty bowl of oatmeal first thing in the morning. Prepare some regular unsweetened oats with a little cinnamon and unsweetened applesauce for a quick treat that’ll taste as good as any regular breakfast cereal you may choose to indulge in. Oatmeal is rich in fiber and sugar free, so a perfect option to keep blood glucose and hunger in check. Chicken Vegetable Soup Home made vegetable soup is another terrific option to serve over the cooler months. Make this yourself using fresh chicken breasts, low sodium chicken broth (or your own home-made bone broth), along with an assortment of your favorite vegetables. Make a large batch to keep in the fridge or freeze so you can pull it out anytime you want a quick snack to eat. Barley Barley is an often forgotten about grain, but one that’s delicious and offers a nice hearty taste. Whip up a batch, adding some diced vegetables, thyme, and garlic to the mix. It’ll serve as a tasty side dish to serve along any main protein source you’re planning for dinner. Barley also works excellent in any home-made soup you’re preparing, so keep that in mind as well. Hot ‘Protein’ Chocolate Finally, if you want a hot beverage that won’t do your diet in, try some hot chocolate protein. This beverage can be made with some unsweetened almond milk and regular chocolate whey protein powder, heated over the stovetop and then served with a little added light whipped topping if you really want something special. It’ll provide just over 150 calories and pack in nearly 25 grams of protein per serving. It sure beats regular hot chocolate, which easily contains over 200 calories and at least 25 grams of sugar or more. So this winter season, cozy up to these options and feel good about the fact you’re sticking with your healthy eating plan while nourishing your body.