When it comes to venturing out into the adult world at night, it can seem like drinking alcohol is practically a requirement. Whether it’s a girl’s night out with your best friends or a first date, it’s usually safe to assume that drinks will be on the menu for the evening. But what if you can’t, or don’t, drink? It can be for any number of reasons – recently becoming sober, testing out the Whole30, or needing to drive home – but telling people that you’re not drinking can be surprisingly intimidating. Some people get uncomfortable drinking around sober people, and might pressure you to join them. It sounds very high school, but can be a real phenomenon among adults, too. If you’re worried you might bow to peer pressure, it’s good to go out with a plan. No matter your reasons for not imbibing, there are plenty of other drinks you can enjoy. Here are a few ideas. Seltzer with lime One of the simplest non-drink drinks around, seltzer with lime is a great choice when you’re abstaining from alcohol. Not only is it waistline friendly, but it also could easily pass for an alcoholic beverage if you need it to. No one will question you, and you’ll stay healthy and hydrated all night! Coffee If you’re used to raging all night with vodka and Red Bull, it can be hard to summon the energy to party while sober. So if you’re planning to stay out late, grab a cup of coffee instead. You’ll feel awake and chatty, which is probably all you wanted in the first place! It’s not the healthiest choice on the list (i.e., not going to sleep until 4:00 AM because you’re caffeinated to the max) but it will certainly do the trick. Shirley Temple, with a twist There’s probably no more childlike non-alcoholic drink you could order than a Shirley Temple. But who cares, because they’re still just as delicious as they were when you were 10. You may find that your grown-up palate thinks this drink is a little too sweet, though, so ask the bartender to swap out the ginger ale base for club soda or tonic water. Virgin Cosmopolitan If Sex and the City has taught us anything, it’s that anyone will look fabulous if they’re holding a Cosmopolitan. There’s no reason you can’t channel that sophistication sans alcohol – simply ask for a virgin Cosmopolitan (cranberry, orange, and lime juice, with a dash of orange bitters) instead. Then put your pinky out and sip away. No matter which non-alcoholic beverage you choose, you can look forward to the prospect of not having a hangover tomorrow. Early morning run, anyone?