As you go about taking steps to improve your nutrition and health, it’s important not to overlook certain vegetables. Yes, you probably know by now that eating any vegetables is a key element in maintaining good health. But, are you relying on the same vegetables over and over again? Most people do. They feast on carrots, broccoli, and salads. While these are all great options, by only eating a few varieties, you are seriously limiting the overall nutrition you could be taking in from your menu. Let’s go over four delicious and highly nutrient dense vegetables that you should be adding to your diet regularly. Bok Choy When most people think of leafy greens, they tend to turn to spinach or kale. And while those are two serious powerhouses in any diet, don’t overlook bok choy. One great thing bok choy has going for it? A very high calcium intake. While you may not get as much calcium as you would from say a glass of milk, if you aren’t consuming dairy products, bok choy can be an excellent stand-in. It’s also a rich source of vitamin K and vitamin C as well. Red Peppers Speaking of vitamin C, that brings us to our next vegetable, red peppers. Red peppers are loaded with vitamin C, which will help to strengthen your immune system and ward off the common cold and flu virus. They’re also great for giving you a good dose of fiber as well, keeping your bowels regular. Finally, red peppers are rich in antixoidants that may help to lower the overall inflammation you experience in your body and therefore reduce your risk of disease. Pumpkin Pumpkin or squash is another often overlooked vegetable. While it does contain a few more carbohydrates than some other forms of vegetables do, don’t let this keep you from indulging. The great thing about pumpkin is that it contains a high level of fiber as part of the carbohydrates profile, therefore it will help to control blood glucose levels very well. Pumpkin is an excellent source of vitamin A, so can help to promote healthy eyesight, provide strong antioxidant support for the body, and has been shown to help lower overall levels of inflammation as well. Cabbage If fending off cancer is a goal for you, cabbage should be your go-to. This vegetable contains compounds that can help to prevent the spread of cancer before it starts. There are nearly 20 different types of flavonoids in cabbage, which gives you strong antioxidant support. In addition to that, it can also help to lower your risk for cardiovascular disease as well. Try it raw or steamed – your choice. So give these vegetables a try next time you are looking for some foods to put on your dinner table. By adding more vegetables to your diet plan, you’ll also increase your overall interest in eating healthy as well, which will make it that much easier to maintain your diet plan.