We’ve all been there – after a raucous night out with friends or even a quiet night at home with a little too much wine, you wake up the next day and feel like you’ve been hit over the head with a hammer. And while the occasions that you feel hungover may become fewer and far between as you get older, the hangovers themselves get infinitely worse. Luckily, there are several ways to naturally alleviate the symptoms of a hangover. Drink coconut water. While you might be tempted to reach for Gatorade after a long night out (and it’s not a terrible choice), coconut water is a much better one. Coconut water is packed with electrolytes that your dehydrated body desperately needs, and contains much less sugar than the average sports drink. Too much sugar can aggravate both your pounding headache and uneasy stomach. Get some sleep. Chances are if you were out late drinking last night, you didn’t get very much sleep. If at all possible, take a nap during the day and go to sleep early that night. The body performs so many amazing healing processes while we sleep that you may find a long nap cures your hangover altogether. Drink hot ginger water. When you’ve had too much to drink the night before, chances are your stomach isn’t feeling too great. Your mom always used to give you ginger ale when you had a stomachache as a kid, so why not use this childhood remedy to treat your hangover? Ditch the sugary ginger ale, though, and steep a small knob of ginger in a cup of hot water or tea instead. You’ll not only feel more hydrated, but you’ll soothe your stomach at the same time. Do detox yoga. If you’re feeling up to it, try bending into a couple of detox yoga poses to help rinse the body clean. Avoid inversions (which might make your head spin) and stick to gentle twists, which serve to naturally detox the liver. A Sitting Half Spinal Twist is a great one to try, but remember to move slowly and avoid forcing anything. You’re trying to feel better, not achieve the perfect asana shape. Eat a banana. Often the first thing you’ll want to reach for when you’re hungover is a juicy burger or other greasy food. And while no one will argue that those foods might be more soul satisfying, they’re definitely not the best thing for your stomach. When you’re feeling up to eating something, try a banana instead. There’s a reason bananas are favored as a recovery food by serious athletes – not only are they high in potassium, but they also contain the ideal combination of fructose and glucose. The humble banana will help your poor, tired body recover much faster than that admittedly-delicious burger. While there’s no cure for a hangover – and many brilliant scientists have put their minds to finding one – these methods can at least reduce the symptoms of overindulgence.