One of the hottest new foods that’s a ‘must’ in your diet plan is that of coconut oil. Coconut oil is been touted by many as the new superfood that everyone needs to have in their menu. What’s so special about coconut oil? And, why should you eat it? Let’s look at a couple of the big benefits that coconut oil will provide. Improved Immune Health Constantly falling ill? Coconut oil may just help out with that. It’s a great way to help boost your immune system, keeping you stronger to fight off invading bacteria, viruses, and diseases. In addition to that, coconut oil also contains lauric acid, which is an acid that works to kill harmful pathogens like bacteria and viruses. So by including some coconut oil in your day to day diet, you could be putting up a strong line of defense against becoming ill. Immediate Source Of Energy One unique thing about coconut oil is the fact that it works as an immediate source of energy in the body. Unlike most fats, which can take hours to break down and digest, coconut is digestive almost instantly, more like that of a carbohydrate. But, it doesn’t impact the body like a carbohydrate does – influencing blood sugar levels. Therefore, for those who are on lower carb diets and who are consuming more fats as part of their plan, coconut oil can be a great way to help sustain higher energy levels. If you normally feel fatigue when you start cutting your carbs, replacing some of the other fats you’re eating with coconut oil instead could help you resolve this issue. Enhanced Thermic Effect Of Food Another great thing about coconut oil is the fact that it offers a higher thermic effect of food. Each time you consume a meal, your body is going to expend some calories breaking it down. How many calories are expended depends on the type of food that you are consuming. This is referred as the thermic effect of food. Protein tends to have the highest thermic effect of food, however coconut oil comes in a close second. Most fats have a very low thermic effect of food, however coconut oil is a great exception here. Therefore, adding coconut oil to your daily diet could help give you a bit of a metabolic boost, making it easier for you to lose body fat. Improved Heart Health If heart health is a concern for you, coconut oil can help with this as well. Those who consume sufficient coconut oil in their diet plan tend to notice decreased levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol levels in their body, shifting their entire profile to a more positive state. Coconut oil may also help to lower total triglyceride count while improving blood coagulation factors, so in the long term, can really decrease your overall risk factor for heart disease. Blood Glucose Stabilization Finally, a last reason to include coconut oil in your diet plan is because it will help to stabilize your blood glucose levels as well. Coconut oil will not spike blood glucose like eating carbohydrates would, but rather, keeps them on an even keel. This is important to not only maintain stable energy, but also to lower the risk of fat gain and diabetes. When blood sugar levels are constantly spiking and crashing, your energy will mimic that of a roller coaster and your body will be primed to convert excess glucose to body fat. So don’t overlook coconut any longer. Focus on getting it into your diet plan and you can be on your way to a healthier tomorrow.