There’s no arguing the power of social media when it comes to marketing your business or services. The online world has exploded over the last 5 years, and people are connecting and buying online more than ever. Are you capitalizing on the social platforms for your business? Or do you feel like you are spinning your wheels, not getting much traction? Aka profits and clients. Far too often I see personal brands not marketing themselves properly. The main thing to understand with social media for business is that your profile, feed and posts are NOT ABOUT YOU! Yes, perhaps you are the face of your business, and you can certainly post photos of yourself. But it’s about the language and message behind each post that will determine whether you are marketing your business properly. The 2 main things to consider with social media for business are: Do you have a following? First goal should be 5K, then 10K and so on. If your following is under 5K, you need to focus on gaining your audience. Is that following converting into clients or sales consistently (daily/weekly)? If not, you need to adjust the way you are talking to your market. This 5 step marketing plan will set you on the right track to solve and improve on the above two issues : Step 1. Determine your avatar This is your ideal client, or that one specific type of person that your business is made for. You need to be clear on this in order to speak the right language of the audience you are trying to attract and market to. A 25 year old student has a very different lifestyle, desires, and challenges than a 40 year old mother of two, who works full-time and has a lot of social commitments. Get clear on who your services are for. Everyone wants to improve their health and fitness, but in order to attract them towards your business, you need to narrow and niche down who you want to work with. This allows you to speak their language in your social media posts. Step 2. Develop an indirect marketing plan aka value system for your audience Make an initial and on-going list of topics/posts that your avatar would be interested in. This can be anything from tips, advice, coaching through common struggles and challenges, words of motivation/inspiration etc. The key here is to ensure that it is relevant to your avatar and your business. This builds your following, attracts exactly who you want to work with, positions you as an authority to your audience, builds trust and allows your avatar to feel like you are speaking directly to them. This value system should be in front of your audience daily, if not twice a day. Step 3. Social Proof You are great at what you do and you have the knowledge, skills and ability to change someone’s life. That’s a given. But it’s much more powerful when those words come from a third party. Your business needs validation from people who have worked with you. This shows potential new clients the experience you have working with a multitude of situations, an insight as to what it is like to work with you and that you are as great as you say that you are. Frequently posting client testimonials (written or video) will allow your current and past clients to promote and sell your services for you. Social proof is also aligning yourself with already credible sources of information that your audience turns to. This can be magazines, tv, radio, blogs etc. A solid marketing strategy for any business should include some type of media exposure a few times throughout a given year. This also expands your network into the audiences of these viewers, readers or listeners. Step 4. Direct marketing This is the easy part. This is where you directly post and tell your audience about your services, programs, promos, or any other way they can work with you. If you nail the above steps 1-3, when you directly ask for a sale or client you will not be hearing crickets. The first 3 steps set you up for this direct marketing. Indirect marketing/adding value to your audience needs to be done daily, direct marketing can be trickled into your posts a few times per week. When you design a direct marketing post be sure you are talking to your avatar, to their struggles, their desires and how you can help them with those unique challenges. Step 5. Strong call to action This may seem simple, but I see it overlooked far too often. You need to tell your audience exactly what you want them to do. Get into the mind of your avatar who is most likely on their phone, scrolling through social media, seeing dozens and dozens of posts within a single scroll session. When you want them to do something, tell them. ie: click link for more info, email me to sign up, click here for more details and to sign up, see link in my bio to sign up etc.