5 Things That Matter, Start The New Year Off Right! With January right around the corner, you might be feeling in the spirit of making a resolution. As you do, it’s important that you have a few things in place to ensure that you get off on the right track. By planning ahead now, you can ensure your success tomorrow. Let’s look at five things that you need if you hope to start your new year off with your health and well-being in mind. SMART Goals The first thing you need to do is set some smart goals. As you plan your resolutions, you need to make sure they follow along with this principle. SMART goals stand for those that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and that have a time frame for completion. If your goals or resolutions do not have these things, tweak them until they do. It’s a must if you hope to work towards goals that reward you with results. An Understanding Of Your Company Benefit Plan It’s also important to gain a better understanding of your own company benefit plan and how you can use them to support you. Many people aren’t making use of their benefits. Look at what sort of support services you have access to. This could be massage therapists to work out the stress you feel, physiotherapists to tend your sore lower back, or an acupuncturist to treat some other health ailment. These are all there waiting for you to use up and can position you in a place for better health success. A Support Network It’s also a must that you get a health support network in place. This refers to having one, two or more people that you can count on to help you through the hard times. Whether this is your significant other, a family member, a close friend, or a co-worker, find someone that you are comfortable around that you can share your journey with. Social support is incredibly important when you are struggling and feel like tossing in the towel on your goals. The right person will be able to help you get through it. Access To Your Preferred Mode Of Fitness You’ll also need to have access to your preferred mode of fitness. This could be a commercial gym if you like exercising with others or simply enough space in your living room to do at home workout sessions. Decide how you plan to get into physical shape and then make sure that you have the space available. If this means you need to purchase a gym membership, do so. Time Management Skills Finally, you’ll also need to learn some 12 time management tips/skills . One of the primary reasons why most people fail to make the changes they want in their health and fitness is because they don’t have the time to do so. Often, it isn’t that they lack time, it’s that they aren’t spending their time wisely. Time management skills can help out with this. Make an effort to take an inventory of how you are spending your day to day and figure out where you can free up extra time to take care of your fitness and well-being. You have more time than you think – you just have to find it. So keep these five things in mind. Get them in place with your program and you’ll be in for a successful, healthy, and happy year ahead.