5 Ways to FINALLY Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat As if losing weight in itself wasn’t hard enough; that belly fat just had to stick there. Stubborn fat can make all your efforts at the gym seem pointless – because it won’t matter how much weight you’ve lost in the last month if that part of your body you tried to fix remains the same. Some people struggle with belly fat but the thighs, hips, and underarms can also be extremely difficult to slim down, but not impossible. So if you’re having second thoughts about starting a workout routine (perhaps because an earlier effort didn’t pay out), don’t lose hope, we’ve got some tips that will help you burn that belly fat and regain that perfect figure. These five expert tricks will change how your workouts go and will help to burn more fat. Burn it off with high-intensity cardio If you haven’t already started a workout routine, cardio exercises are a good place to start. But keep in mind that working out 30 minutes on the stationary bike or the treadmill won’t help you burn belly fat. What you need is high-intensity workouts; so take just 5 or 10 minutes to do the most intense cardio workout you can, and when finished, start on the next session immediately. The whole point of cardio exercises is to keep your heart rate elevated and those muscles burning for as long as possible. Do this every day in short sessions and mix things up by jumping from one workout to another, and you’ll be amazed how much power you build. Load Up On Protein Ever wondered why strength training requires a protein diet? Protein not only keeps you full for longer, but it is also the building block of muscle. It helps grow muscles and keeps your energy levels high, which means the body burns more of the stubborn fat along with the protein to provide this energy. Try to get at least 70 grams of proteins every day – and only from healthy food. Practice Yoga It is not practical to target a specific body part for toning, slimming, or strengthening; and research shows that it's not the right way to lose weight. However, that being said, yoga can be a great way to enhance the body, build muscle, and burn fat – including belly fat. Some types of yoga are more effective than others at burning fat, so when targeting body fat, a fast-paced style like Ashtanga or Vinyasa is excellent as a starting point. Sleep Better Sleep is essential to weight loss. In fact, this study found that people who got 8 or more hours of sleep every night had slimmer waistlines than those who slept for 6 hours or less. Keeping a strict sleeping pattern is the key to establishing a strong foundation in health and fitness, and it will be essential for maintaining your immune system, keeping the hormones balanced, and your stress levels low. Sleep disorders mess with your metabolism and make it harder to lose belly fat, so it’s not enough to push yourself harder at the gym, there has to be some balance in your life, and sleep is an important part. Eat More Fiber By eating more soluble fiber, you will improve the digestive process and keep energy levels high throughout the day without excessive snacking. Fiber can help reduce cholesterol levels, keep blood pressure within the normal range, and it can also reduce the risk of heart disease. There are billions of friendly bacteria in your lower gut which the body needs to perform essential processes like making vitamins and removing waste. Fiber-rich foods like oats, brans, and lentils should be consumed regularly to keep the enzymes working, and to encourage production of short-chain fatty acids that reduce belly fat. Do this every day, and your waistline will gradually reduce, but more importantly, you will be healthier overall. About the Author Dr. Sean Daneshmand has been nominated as a “Top Doctor in San Diego” as published in San Diego Magazine continuously since 2008-2018. He has also completed extensive training in Aesthetic procedures including Vaser Liposelection and has been the Medical Director of Ageless and beautiful Medical Spa since May 2005.