6 Advance Accessories to Help You Stay On Track Whilst Exercising Every now and again the health and fitness industry receives a little bump of newness. Sometimes it’s an effective new diet and other times it’s the must have fitness program that gives you the body of your dreams. In recent years, many of the bumps have come from technological advances and gadgets; things that can track and monitor and guide and inform you along your fitness journey. Today, we’re going to go over 6 accessories that you can use right away to stay on top of your diet and exercise habits to make sure that you actually reach the goals that you set. 1. Bragi the Dash Pro First up, we have the dash pro. Dash Pro are advanced earphones that connect to your device via Bluetooth, meaning no pesky wires to get in your way or flap about as you move. Not only this, but there’s an inbuilt Mp3 player that means you don’t even need to bring your phone with you. The Mp3 player can hold up to 1,000 songs, allowing you to be completely free and focus on your workout. The best thing is that the headphones connect to an app that automatically detects what activity you’re doing to give you real-time information about the calorie burning and overall effectiveness of your workout. No coach necessary. 2. Firefly These next two gadgets are focused on getting rid of problems before they can occur. Instead of trying to improve your performance directly, they help to improve your recovery, and the firefly is one of these. With no leads, wires, or batteries necessary, the firefly is worn behind the knee and shoots electrical impulses into your body to calmly activate the muscles and increase blood circulation. Blood delivers a range of helpful properties such as warmth and nutrients that are vital when improving your recovery capabilities. In fact, the FireFly is so effective that even athletes at the Olympics use it. 3. PowerDot The PowerDot branches away from the audio and tracking side of technology and steps into the realm of workout enhancement. The PowerDot stimulates your muscles to create specific tension that aids and relaxes your muscles. It’s almost like a portable sports therapist that you stick to your skin and is controlled via an app on your phone. 4. Lumo Run Sensor If you’re looking for a gadget to improve your running ability, then this is the jackpot. If you’re at all serious about becoming the best runner you can be, then this is the gadget you need. There are seven different sensors compacted into this piece of tech, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, and vibration sensor. All you need to do is attach it onto your shorts and it does the rest for you. From your steps per minute to how much break you apply with each step, the Lumo reads your running and sends all of the data to a handy app you keep on your phone. 5. Nokia Body Cardio Nobody likes to step onto the scale because they’re scared of what it’ll tell them. However, that might be just because it’s not giving you enough information. Weight is tricky as you don’t know whether it’s relating to fat or all manors of other things that carry mass. The Nokia Body Cardio aims to reduce all of this confusion by instead of just giving you your weight , it tells your body fat, water percentage, muscle, bone mass, and heart rate to give you a clear picture of your health beyond just a single number. Again this gadget connects to an app on your phone where all of the data will be stored, ready to be looked back on whenever you need. 6. Shapeheart Armband Lastly, we have the shapeheart armband which doubles up as both an easy way to store your phone and a heart rate tracker. Though it’s heavier than other arm bands, you don’t need to double up and purchase a heart rate tracker which would be equally as heavy and more costly than purchasing both together. Author bio: James Adams is a community manager at JustHCG , he is passionate about website operations and learning the latest web trends. When not working James enjoys working out at the gym and cycling.