6 best benefits of brushing teeth with charcoal If someone told you that applying something as black as charcoal on your teeth and rubbing it will give you white and clean teeth, it would be hard to believe. It is the truth. Charcoal has been used, since time immemorial, to remove toxic and poison from the stomach, if ingested accidentally. It has found application in teeth cleaning as well. It is not the normal charcoal that achieves that, a treated and a cured version called activated charcoal is primarily responsible here. Activated charcoal has many minuscule pores or holes in it, which act like a sponge or magnet and soak up anything it comes in contact with. Therefore, when applied to the tooth surface, it removes the deposits, calcified plaque, bacteria and virus, extrinsic stains etcetera, anything that has a physical semblance. If you are looking for multiple reasons for using charcoal toothpaste for white teeth, the list will give you a fair idea. Charcoal toothpaste is a cost-effective solution A product automatically gains popularity with the masses if it is affordable and delivers what it promises to. Charcoal toothpaste ticks the right boxes in this department. Though it is moderately priced, you need to use a minimal amount every day, in fact over usage is not recommended as it may abrade the tooth surface. Therefore, a pack of charcoal toothpaste lasts much longer than your regular toothpaste and eventually, the costs appear to be much lesser because of the lesser frequency of investment. It is a completely cost-effective product. Oral benefits of charcoal The oral benefits of charcoal are manifolds. People who drink a lot of beverages throughout the day or even smoke, tend to have extrinsic stains on their teeth which spoil their appearance. Charcoal toothpaste effectively removes these stains. Any plaque deposits, which cause infection of the gums, is also eliminated. Bacteria is the main cause of tooth decay, and by using this charcoal toothpaste, bacteria and other microorganisms are also removed, lessening the chances of getting dental caries. Therefore, there is an overall improvement of the oral health along with superior esthetics. These benefits are due to the inherent property of charcoal to adsorb anything it touches, and this phenomenon is rightly utilized. Soothing, gentle formulas Just like other normal toothpaste, activated charcoal toothpaste has other ingredients in it, which give it the characteristic taste, and performs other functions that toothpaste should do as well. The different available flavors and the mild and gentle formulas are not at all harmful for the teeth or other parts of the oral cavity, and thus you get a fresh feeling after brushing with this toothpaste. All-natural formula Charcoal is as natural as an ingredient can get and activated charcoal is derived from it by curing. Therefore, it is an all-natural formula. This sets it apart from other tooth whitening materials, which rely on certain chemicals to do the job. These chemicals tend to have more harmful effects and thus is not healthy for your teeth. Charcoal toothpaste does not have to go through all these ordeals. To know more about the contents and how it works and where to get your charcoal toothpaste you can check the website discovercharcoaltoothpaste.org and all your doubts will be answered. Charcoal Toothpaste is a cavity blocker and a germ killer The bacteria in the mouth cause cavities, mainly Streptococcus mutans, which reacts with the carbohydrates or other food content sticking to the tooth and produces harmful chemicals that cause demineralization of the outer and subsequently inner layers of the tooth. One way of avoiding such cavities is by not giving a medium for the bacteria to grow. Using activated charcoal toothpaste removes the bacteria from the mouth effectively and kills it, thus reducing the chances of cavity drastically. Immediate and long-lasting results Immediate results of using activated charcoal toothpaste are shiny, white teeth within a week and a healthier and fresher oral cavity. The long-lasting result is mainly the maintenance of a healthy mouth for a long period with lesser chances of getting a cavity or any infection of the gums and tissue around the mouth. Brushing is a basic function that everyone should do twice a day. Using activated charcoal toothpaste instead of the regular ones is an effective way of dealing of yellowish and unhealthy oral cavity, and it seems to be a useful replacement though there is still a lot of room for improvement. Author’s Bio: My name is Jessica and I am a natural and organic product nut! I built discovercharcoaltoothpaste.org to let my readers know about the wonderful benefits and results of activated charcoal for oral hygiene. I have been using natural toothpaste for almost 4 years now and am very happy. :)