For someone who strives to be healthy, Valentine’s Day is not all sunshine and roses – in fact, all of that chocolate and rich food can derail even the most devout of dieters. So this Valentine’s Day, why not try something different? Snag your sweetheart and embark on one of these dates that are actually healthy instead. Go ice skating. Is there anything more romantic than bundling up and hitting the ice with your significant other? As you skate along hand-in-hand, you’ll be doing more than spending time with your loved one – you’ll be burning 300-400 calories per hour, too! Afterwards, warm up by the fireplace with a hot cup of tea. Cook a meal together. Valentine’s Day is widely known as one of the most expensive nights of the year to eat at a restaurant. Instead of going out, save your money and cook a healthy meal together at home. Shrimp is a great option since it cooks up fast and feels a little more elegant than your average weeknight meal. Pair grilled shrimp with roasted vegetables, or toss them with zucchini noodles for a different take on scampi. Go out dancing. If you and your sweetie are party animals, spend Valentine’s Day hitting the dance floor. You can burn up to 500 calories in just one hour, and you’ll have a blast doing it. Club scene not your thing? Take a dance class with your partner instead. Plan a staycation. If going on a romantic getaway isn’t an option, plan a staycation in your city instead. Not only will you be walking a ton as you take in the sights and sounds of your town, but you might even discover something new together that you’d never noticed before. Bake a sweet (healthier) treat. If your sweet tooth is raging and you can’t bear the thought of not having chocolate on V-Day, bake a treat that trends toward the healthier side. One of the easiest things to healthify? Brownies! Simply blend a box of brownie mix with 15 ounces drained black beans and one cup of water. Bake according to package directions, and enjoy with your love! They sound a little strange, but you’ll be amazed at how fudgy – and protein-packed – they are. Take a hike. By the time February 14th rolls around, it’s safe to say that most people in wintry places are experiencing some cabin fever. Why not get some fresh on Valentine’s Day by going for a hike? You’ll both need to layer up, but the cold air will feel invigorating and might even inspire some more interesting conversation. If climbing a mountain isn’t an option, try strolling around your neighborhood instead. Use these healthy date ideas to plan a perfect day for you and your partner that will leave you both looking and feeling great!