6 Tips: How to Look Younger As You Age Some people look better with age – we’re looking at you George Clooney! For the rest of us though, we’re constantly searching for that fountain of youth than can give us just a few more years before father time catches up. There’s no magical cream or facial mask that’s going to prevent aging from occurring, though there are plenty on the market that claim just that. However, there are a few things you can do to keep looking great – and appear even younger as you age. • Exercise Daily. One of the best things you can do to maintain your youth is to exercise. Not only because it keeps the pounds off, but studies have shown it keeps your skin soft and glowing. Keep the wrinkles at bay just a little longer by doing frequent exercising. • Use Sunscreen. The sun is one of the most damaging forces to our skin. It can give you that leather-like look with prolonged exposure throughout life. Using a daily moisturizer with sunscreen built in is a great way to prevent this damage. Beyond sunscreen, you’ll want to avoid as much contact with the sun as you can. Wear hats use an umbrella on sunny days, and don’t tan. Tanning may give you great looking skin today – but it’s at the cost of great looking skin down the road. • Hairstyle Matters. Your hair will absolutely give your age up. Grey hairs are a telling sign of how many years have gone past. Using your hairstyle to make yourself look younger is a time-honored technique of Hollywood. Simply framing your face correctly with your hair can do wonders. Do yourself a favor and hit the salon at least a couple times a year. • Stay Fashionable. Mom jeans are an actual thing. Google them. Kids buy them as an ironic fashion statement. If you want to look younger, try staying fashionable. This doesn’t mean wearing what the kids are wearing though. It just means keeping up with trends. Celebrities defy age by dressing well. Wear proper-fitting clothing, avoid sweatpants, and use accessories to accent the parts of your body that look the best. • Eat Right. Much like exercise, your diet will contribute a lot to your visual age . It goes beyond just being a healthy weight. Certain fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that can contribute to anti-aging. Foods like leafy greens, deep red tomatoes, blueberries, and carrots will all help stop your body from damaging healthy cells, keeping you looking younger, longer. • Smile. This one is simple, effective and insanely cheap to implement. Studies have shown that smiling will make you look up to four years younger than your face looks at rest. Looking miserable also has the inverse effect: you’ll look much older. Smiling is one of the easiest ways to turn back the clock. As a bonus, it affects the people around you positively as well. About the Author: David Quenneville FHMatch, all-in-one `Business in a Box! If you're a professional this is for you, it’s always FREE to showcase your profile on FHMatch ! Empowering professionals to engage, manage and grow their client base - everything you need to get started in 3 min or less. |Merchant Payments| Unlimited - No Fee Booking, Invoicing & Messaging| Showcase Photos & Videos, Subsidized Insurance| Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , Pinterest , LinkedIn It's always free to have a profile - join now and enjoy your 1st 30 days as a Premium member on us, no credit card required!