6 Ways Dance Can Help You Improve Your Health When someone brings up taking dance for their health, we normally think of losing weight and getting toned. But, there are a lot more benefits to taking dance than that. The benefits we are speaking of have a profound impact on children, teens, adults, and senior citizens. We encourage you to test these things out for yourself. The experts agree dance is a powerful weapon and an equally powerful defense. You will soon see that dancing is an activity that will improve the life of anyone. So, get your first sneakers for dance and begin! 1. Physical body changes As we said, dance is a good activity for losing weight. You will find that there are specific dance classes that zero in on burning calories. Options like Zumba and Jazzercise are dances that are created to harness the power of movement with calorie burning, to focus on weight. 2. Social benefits We live in a time where technology is king. Our phones or laptops are the connection we make with people. In a virtual, world we can be anyone we want to be. If we are suffering from low self-esteem, we may change what we look like, act like, and think like to just to make a good impression. Virtual friendships are easily made and very comforting. However, living a virtual lie is not good for us. We live in fear of getting exposed and shamed. Dance is a face-to-face interaction. Dancers learn to be comfortable with their partner. The fear of being found out is eliminated. Each dancer is supporting the other so that the dance will be done perfectly. This is a great way to expose a child to social life. They make friends with people who are like them. They are all in the same class and they want to succeed. 3. Depression and anxiety Any form of physical exercise (even in 10-minute increments) allows your brain to release endorphins which is a “feel good” hormone. The more you dance, the more endorphins you produce and the better you will feel mentally and physically. Note: when you combine the activity that allows a person (of any age, but specifically a child in their early teens) to improve their social skills as listed above, with the release of endorphins; you have a wonderful plan to eliminate depression. 4. The Brain Living a sedentary lifestyle is not good for anyone. If you can move, you should move. If you are moving, you should grow that skill. Many senior citizens do not get enough exercise. This is usually because there is nothing they want to do that involves movement. When a senior dances, the levels of chemicals in the brain that encouraged the nerve cells to grow pick up their natural pace. The more they move the more they can move. When you add dancing, you are requiring this person to remember dance steps. The end result is a senior who has a strong memory. The brain is working out just like the body. One more thing. Dance has been found to reduce the chance for Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Dancing actually reverses some of the signs of aging. This is not true for all dances. Freestyle dance is the done with split-second calls. It is these mental shifts that sharpens the mind. 5. Heart health Dancing raises the heart rate. The effort causes you to breathe harder. The raised heart rate combined with more oxygen being forced in and out of the lungs gives you a complete cardio workout. 6. Quality of life Dancers of all ages have a better quality of life than those who have no physical outlet.. Combine the physical, social, and mental attributes and add better balance, and endurance, and you have a better quality of life for any person of any age. As you can see, dancing enhances ever part of our lives. So, get started today. Don’t go alone. Take the family; there is something for everyone in the world of dance. Author’s Bio: Ashley Lipman is an award-winning writer who discovered her passion in providing creative solutions for building brands online. Since her first high school award in Creative Writing, she continues to deliver awesome content through various niches.