7 Best Exercises For Your Eyes Eyes are the most precious gift of God given to the world like you can explore this beautiful world through your eyes but we humans tend to destroy the things till we realize what we have done, similarly as we are spoiling our eyes with ultra UV rays coming out from the digitally acquitted gadgets around us. Other things include the pollution, dust, unhealthy food, bad lifestyle and the list goes never-ending anyways, there would be thousands of reasons with explanations but what we want to know is what could be done to protect our eyes before its too late. A little bit of exercise every day with some healthy food in routine can prevent your eyes from getting sabotage. So, if by doing your bit, you can save an immense precious thing for the future, then why not put that effort? Well, there are handfuls of tips, tricks, exercises & food lists that can be beneficial for your eyes , so without any further ado, let’s get started. 1. PLAY THE FOCUS GAME Practicing focus is one of the foremost things to do because not only it strengthens the visions but also practicing it daily, prevents dismantle of eyes too. Without putting extra effort, u just need to draw a visible dot on a piece of paper & paste it on a wall at a quite distance & try to focus on that calmly, don’t force your eyes to focus, do it for at least 20 seconds for about 20 times daily. 2. FIGURE EIGHT To control the physical movement of your eyes, you need to practice figuring eight right into your eyes. It’s a bit difficult task making your brain work a little harder commanding your eyes & brain functioning at the same time contributing to strengthening the vision. All you have to do is making an imaginary giant figure of eight on the floor at a quite distance & trace it slowly for a few minutes’ clockwise & anti-clockwise. It’s an addition to your focus exercise that you should try on a daily routine. 3. MASSAGE Our body certainly loves massage and so as our eyes, they too need a massage regularly. A very light massage on your eyes helps to stimulate it which also helps to improve the blood circulation around the eyes. Just wash your hands, close your eyes & start massaging by circularly moving your fingers for at least 1 min that can vary up to 2-3 minutes. But make sure you don’t press your fingers too hard on your eyes. 4. PALM IT TO KEEP CALM Distress life, distress body so why can’t it be distress eyes, like they work all day & night, just like we humans need a break like Sunday, they need a break to relax. Put your palm on your eyes with light pressure for about 3 minutes and take deep breaths, which will lead to spreading a firm tear film that helps eyes to relax. Do it before going to bed & right after u wake up. It’s really important for the eyes. 5. BLINKING Blinking has been considered as the natural exercise, it’s so effortless yet so effective. It acts as a lubricant and provides moisture to the eyes that constantly protects the eye from irritants. Though blinking doesn’t need any specific time to perform yet if you could take time out, then you should perform blinking exercise 4-5 times blinking for continuous 10-15 times. It also helps to clean debris out of the eyes. Blinking exercises are a great way to keep your eyes moist and effective natural treatment for cure dry eyes problems. 6. DIRECTIONAL EXERCISE It’s a very ordinary yet popular exercise for the eyes, doing this exercise every morning helps the tiny eye muscle to get blood streaming into it making it salutary. This exercise involves rotating the eyeball from one corner direction to another one in a clockwise & anti-clockwise direction for at least 5 times a day. 7. ZOOM IT OUT This is another focusing exercise where you need to persistently adjust the focus of a certain object at a quite distance. You can use our thumb as an object can do it anytime. You just need to move your thumb back & forth & try to focus on that without giving much pressure on your eyes as well as your brain. Apart from regular exercise, diet plays a vital role. Natural foods like Fish, green leafy vegetables, carrot, sweet potatoes, eggs, seeds, and nuts are so advantageous for the eyesight. A well-balanced diet acts as antioxidants that prevent many eye diseases like dry eyes, poor night vision, cataracts & whatnot. World’s beautiful & so are the eyes, don’t let them get damage. Excessive uses of digital gadgets are destructive. If gadgets are being used constantly then you should work on doing exercises &8 intake a lot more healthy natural foods that strengthen the eye vision & prevent many eye disorders. So, do your bit & put some effort! About The Author: Henna is a wellness lifestyle writer. She loves sharing her thoughts and personal experiences related to fitness, yoga, and natural remedies, through her writing. She can connect with others experiencing health concerns and help them through their recovery journeys through natural remedies.