7 muscle building smoothie recipes Building muscles is gradually becoming a trend among men. This is because of the several advantages that come with it. Firstly, muscularity gives you a lot of confidence. In fact, at certain times, you feel like you can take on the whole world. Also, being muscular adds to your attractiveness as a man. This is because research has shown that women are more attracted to men with muscles as they feel a higher degree of security. There are different muscle building techniques. However, all these methods have one thing in common, and that is the fact that a lot of discipline and sacrifice is needed. Whether you go to the gym every day of the week or you use nutritional supplements, no result will be achieved without discipline. Good food is needed for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is important for you to obtain as many nutrients as you can from every diet. In this text, we will be talking about seven smoothie recipes for the building of muscles. We will also be enlightening you on how to make a healthy smoothies @ www.blenderversus.com. So, ride along!!! Top muscle building smoothie recipes 1. Choco Peanut Butter Smoothie: This smoothie can cure every of your chocolate cravings. Notable ingredients include creamy peanut butter, cocoa powder, almond milk, and bananas. Preparation of this smoothie involves blending all ingredients until smooth. The Choco peanut butter smoothie is very creamy and a very rich source of protein nutrients (one of the essential nutrients for bodybuilding). It also has a texture similar to that of ice cream and it is naturally sweet even without adding any sweetener. 2. Spinach Banana Green Smoothie: This smoothie has immense caloric benefits that bodybuilders can benefit from. Banana, yogurt, spinach, and milk are some of the ingredients needed for its preparation. The spinach banana green smoothie can be prepared in just three minutes as it only entails slicing and blending all ingredients together. Water can be added until the desired thickness is achieved. This smoothie can best be appreciated after a tough session in the gym. 3. Carrot juice smoothie: This is another rich source of protein. This smoothie is made from almond milk, carrot, banana, lemon, pineapple, and ginger. This smoothie is both healthy and very easy to make. It is good for replenishment of energy lost during workout. Another reason to consider this smoothie is because all the ingredients needed are very easy to find. 4. Blueberry Spinach Superfood smoothie: This smoothie is a perfect way to start your day. It is made from ripe avocados, blueberries, spinach, protein powder, honey, and coconut milk. Apart from being a good source of protein, the blueberry spinach superfood smoothie is also a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier. This smoothie goes with any meal or snack of your choice. 5. Pineapple Apple Avocado Super Protein smoothie: Without including protein in your diet, it is impossible to keep up with the demands of bodybuilding. This is because protein is needed to replace body tissues that aren't useful anymore. This protein smoothie also helps you control your appetite and urge for food. Since protein is the building block of human body cells, you can take protein smoothie to improve your muscle health. This smoothie is made from almond milk, tart pineapple, fresh apple and avocado. 6. Coconut and Mocha: This is another loaded food item. It is high in caloric value and sodium, potassium and fiber contents. It is made from coffee milk, sugar, and coconut. This combination helps you recover every energy you have expended during workout. 7. Chocolate Oatmeal Berry Protein Smoothie: This smoothie is made from skim milk, banana, vanilla, mixed berries, dry rolled oats, and flax seeds. This protein smoothie is also ideal for pregnant women and it makes you feel refreshed after a tough workout. The Chocolate Oatmeal Berry Protein Smoothie is easy to make. In fact, it takes less than five minutes to prepare as all you have to do is slice and cut all ingredients into the blender and blend until a cream is formed. You can add as much water as you want depending on how thick you want it to be. Author: Andrew from www.blenderversus.com @BlenderVersus