7 Things to Expect from Your Weight-Loss Journey „You can do this, you are strong and you decided” - you are standing in front of the mirror and saying all of these things to yourself. “This is it, from Monday I’m starting my new eating regime, I’m starting with the gym and I’m stepping into my new healthy life!”. We all had these moments and we were all, in some points of our lives, determined to really begin this new chapter. But what happens next? What happens when you start with your trainings, when you start losing kilos and when you finally after one, two or three weeks of sweating see the difference? 1. It takes work and time Be honest with yourself, it won’t be easy. There are going to be times where you will feel lazy and you lack motivation, but those are the moments when you need to push yourself even harder. Make new priorities and adjust your everyday activities, because if not so you will never achieve the goal you set and you’ll see, the effort will eventually be paid off. 2. You will need a plan Yes, you will have to embed new schedule, and you need to do it as soon as possible. First of all, let’s get it straight, every great mission started with a good plan, so make yours. Start your training routine by respecting the rule 80/20. All you need to do is create a plan where 80% of your time you eat a clean diet and other 20% you can treat yourself with favorite "cheat meal". 3. In the begging you may not see the result you want In the begging you may not see the result you want. Do not get discouraged if the numbers on your scale are not showing the result that you are expecting. There are always factors that are affecting the weight loss process, such as stress, crazy working hours, lack of sleep and many others. Additionally, people with more weight to lose will need a bit more work, but the results could be showing fast. On the other hand, people with a few pounds less to lose might not get the results as fast as they expected. Thus, if you decide to undergo simple procedures such as gastric band surgery , it’s normal to expect that your body will need some time to heal and adjust before you get the body you always wanted. 4. Build your support system Having a support network when you're trying to reach desired weight is crucial. But however, for some it may seem easier to go through this journey alone, and for others it is much easier to have someone who they can rely on and who they can trust. Furthermore, if you belong to this second group and nobody from your family is ready for that kind of commitment, there is still a way. A healthy meal with a good colleague from work during a lunch break or a nice long walk with a friend will definitely help your motivation. Be open to finding out who can support you in which way, is it going to be emotional, practical or inspirational. 5. You will be happier Deciding to get rid of those annoying excess pounds not only changes how you will look on the outside but it also reflects on how you will feel inside. With regular daily trainings, healthy eating habits and strict routine you will become stronger, both emotionally and physically. The recent study from the University of Bristol also shown that on exercise days, people’s mood significantly improved, and that stayed about the same on days they didn’t, with the exception of people’s sense of calm which deteriorated. 6. Energy booster! While you are working out your body produces endorphins that causes you to feel more alive and energetic. Intense workout, nice hot shower and a tasty smoothie is always the right combination for a good day. You’ll start feeling more attractive and ready to go. Hard work and determination will push you through the tough workouts and days when you feel like not going to gym, and in those times your energy will help you to go again and again. And as you achieve results you will be motivated to continue. 7. Shopping time Finally the most interesting part is here! As your body shape starts to change you will see major differences in the size of clothes that fits you. You will start wearing something that highlights your new curves and you will feel amazing because of it. So start up that step tracker and go make perfect combination of good and useful. Weight loss journey shouldn’t be inherently difficult, but you will still need a lot of dedication, effort and sweat. Once you decided to step into this new part of your life, you’ll need to eliminate bad habits and make room for changes and new things that are going to happen. Be ready to fail, to feel tired and wanting to quit, but stop right there. If you come all this way you are now on a half of a road, you just need to turn that idea into work. Give your best and good luck! About the Author: Stella Ryne is an art historian who enjoys writing about her travels, self - care and health. Stella, is deeply into green practices and cherishing the notion of sustainable living.