7 Tips To Stay Energized For Your Evening Workout As much as most people like morning workouts, for some who begin their day earlier than usual or are night owls prefer night workouts, reasons may vary from feeling more energized at night to the flexibility of day work among others. For whatever reason, here are some tips and tricks to beat the late-night fatigue and increase your energy levels. 1. Hydration and Water Staying hydrated during the day doesn’t necessarily mean you are still hydrated in the evening or at night. You should, therefore, constantly replenish your body fluids before, during and after your evening workouts. The reason is to avoid your muscles from cramping and losing energy but also for ensuring you wake up the next day feeling energized instead of fatigued. It is advisable to take lots of fluids during the day, to give your body ample time to circulate it within the body in time for the evening workout. 2. Dietary Meals and Dinner The Timing of the Meals Dinner has to be planned two to three hours before a workout. Amount of food also has to be proportionate to the amount of conditioning as your body will burn through the calories fast with intense exercises. However, if you can’t eat early enough, its advisable to eat after the workout. Some tips you can use to avoid digestion issues related to eating immediately before a workout; is eating at different stages during the day, like ordering food in office or workplace and having a light post-workout dinner. Consume the Right Foods (Before Workouts) Each meal has a specific nutritional property in them. Eating the right food before an exercise can significantly impact your performance at night while affecting the results after the workout session. If you feel hungry before a workout, consume foods rich in carbohydrates. Light snacks like a piece of toast, nuts like oatmeal and fruits like apples, fresh berries also do the trick. Meals for After Workouts After a workout, your body will need foods which are nutritionally dense and lean. Having roasted vegetables, baked chicken and salmon will significantly replenish your energy. Besides these probiotic or enzyme-rich foods, it’s always great to include other protein, greens and gut-healthy ingredients which are fermented. Heavy fluid meals like a bowl of smoothies or yogurt will also help in hydrating your body. 3. Foods to Avoid Before an Evening Workout Workouts require large blood volumes to be pumped to the muscles thus limiting blood flow to the stomach. For these and other reasons, avoid the following foods: Beans: One cup of beans contains indigestible carbohydrate raffinose of 26 grams which may cause stomach upset. They also contain plenty of fibre which makes it hard to get digested on time before the evening workout. Spicy, Fried and Fatty foods: You need to avoid fatty and greasy foods as they may lead to cramping, bloating and diarrhea. Reason being foods like burgers, pizzas, and fries saturated in fats stay longer in the digestive system making it hard to get digested in time before the workout. Spicy foods, on the other hand, are recommended to be avoided for up to 24 hours before the exercise to prevent heartburns and stomach upset. 4. Outdoor and Indoor Exercises at Night Clothing: If you like the night’s cold breeze for evening workouts, then wearing protective clothing both from the severe and external dangers will be essential. Other protections include wearing bright reflective clothing when on the road or public area to be seen better. Carrying a headlamp or torch may also be necessary if the surrounding is dark. Other safety precautions: Exercise with a friend or a group when doing late night workouts whether at the gym or night runs motivating each other. Unlike morning exercises where most people prefer putting on their headphone, it’s advisable to not wear them at night because of unseen dangers. Also, remember to carry safety essentials like your ID and insurance medical cards. 5. Getting Motivated by Routine Planning Finding the best schedule: Most people have a different preference in time for workouts especially since their day schedule differ. For lots of people, they prefer heading straight to the gym since once they reach their home, fatigue overwhelms them deciding to stay in their cozy couch. It's therefore advisable to have a routine of either leaving your evening workout clothing at the gym’s locker or carrying them to work. Weekly routine workout schedule: It is advisable to have a “timetable” of expected workouts each day of the week or as per the instructions of your instructor. An example is having upper body workouts like bench press targeting shoulders and back on Monday and pull-ups targeting biceps’ and triceps’ Tuesday. 6. Using Everyday Food Stimulants Coffee is a natural stimulant packed with caffeine which increases your energy and stamina for evening workouts. Alternatives to coffee are green tea which would act nearly as well. Some non-caffeinated options are warming up your blood with either hot drinks or simple exercises like quick runs and an up and downstairs run. Snacking during lunchtime before an evening workout on chocolate products is also essential in boosting energy. 7. Using Supplements Supplements are only as useful and practical as their function and ability to better the user's performance — there a huge market of such protein and other sorts of supplements which can offer not only a variety of verified results but also come with the directions on which are the best for a particular use. Pre-Workout Supplements Some supplements have to get taken before the workouts. Reason being its ability to increase vascularity and increases blood flow which encourages motivation providing sustainable energy. It also enhances mental focus while increasing pumps and muscle strength. Many such supplements are with zero sugar and carbs but with high potency, energy increasing evening workout performance. There are supplements you can use as energy drinks for the gym which contain synergistic combinations’ surpassing caffeinated beverages making them the best options during evening workouts. Post Workout Supplements Supplements containing amino acids Leucine helps in stimulating muscle protein synthesis for muscle recovery and growth. Also, they help in boosting cellular energy and repairs, aids in digestion and prevents muscle breakdown. Valine is another component which prevents physical and mental fatigue while Isoleucine stimulates glucose uptake in cells. You can consider these as your post-workout intake. With all these suggested habits, routines, tips and dietary needs including supplements, hope the information provided has answered most of the questions in mind. About the Author Helen Cartwright is a passionate blogger, who excels in the Digital Marketing and Technology niche. When not wired in marketing strategies she ghost-write for a variety of authors who have their work published on leading online media channels such as The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.com.