So you just killed it during your workout – go you! Now you’re home, rummaging through the refrigerator debating what to refuel with. But what can you eat that won’t undo all of your hard work? Don’t worry. We have your back! This list of fast and health post workout snacks will help fill you up without bulking you up – enhancing all of the effects of your butt-kicking workout. 1. (Not So) Chunky Monkey Shake: This frozen, refreshing, and surprisingly healthy treat is packed with lean muscle-building protein. Simply combine one banana, a tablespoon of natural peanut butter (go for the jar with the least amount of ingredients!), and one cup of chocolate almond milk with a handful of ice cubes in a blender. Blend until smooth, sit back and sip! 2. Morning Workout Refuel: Toast half of a whole-wheat bagel and top with 2 egg whites for a filling and energizing snack. 3. Protein Picnic: Slice up an apple and pair it with a low-fat string cheese. Cheese is high in protein and the apple is an easy way to restore your body after your workout. 4. Pita and Hummus: Pita provides easily-digestible carbs to your tired out body and hummus is a healthy protein– the perfect combination! 5. Trail Mix: A quick energy-booster packed with protein, one to two handfuls of trail mix is one of the easiest snacks to grab post workout. Just watch out for the ingredients –M&Ms, chocolate candies, and yogurt covered raisins should be kept to a minimum to keep the nutritional value to a maximum. 6. Protein Bar: When you’re in a pinch, there are a few protein bars that are less like candy bars and more of a healthy fuel for your tired muscles. When stocking up at the store read the nutrition label and select bars that have less than 10 grams of sugar and more than 10 grams of protein. The fewer the ingredients, the healthier the bar. Try all of these combinations so you are providing your body with a variety of nutrients and you don’t get bored of any one snack. You work hard to keep your body moving and healthy, so continue to treat yourself well by making smart snacking choices.