Boosting Testosterone Levels A very common question that you ask us, is about how to increase testosterone levels. Today we propose a way to increase your levels of this hormone naturally, but before we will tell you what it is and what is its function? Boosting Testosterone Levels will give you various guides to boost your health level. Testosterone, the male sex hormone. The testosterone is a sex hormone present in both men and women (although in these it is found in smaller amounts). In man, it is responsible for everything to develop normally and naturally. This hormone is mainly related to the development and growth of muscles, the normal production of sperm, fertility, hair growth, strength, libido and, in general, characteristics of the male sex. At puberty is when the highest amount of testosterone occurs and is the stage at which "male traits" develop. Although its production is decreasing naturally with age (from about 30 years). However, various factors such as stress, lack of sleep, smoking or poor diet can reduce their levels. Some symptoms of its decrease can be: • Lack of sexual desire • Low sperm production • Loss of muscle mass. • Lack of energy and less motivation. Despite this, you can boost your testosterone levels naturally: Control your weight : it is shown that people with excess weight have lower testosterone levels, so control or lose weight if you are overweight, can help boost their levels. Exercise : after exercising, testosterone levels increase. This will depend on factors such as the type of exercise, when to do it, as well as the intensity, among others. Reduce stress : when you are stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol, generating cortisol can permanently decrease the natural production of testosterone. Sleep at least 6-8 hours a day: Sleeping less than these hours can cause a decrease in your male testosterone booster Foods rich in micronutrients → vitamins and minerals such as: • Zinc is a very important mineral in the production of testosterone, this prevents this hormone from turning into estrogen. Foods rich in zinc are: oysters, mussels, seeds. • Vitamin D helps raise the levels of this hormone in the blood. A food rich in this vitamin is the yolk of the egg. • Vitamin B6 regulates the production of androgens, naturally occurring steroid hormones that act as testosterone precursors. We find it in brown rice, wheat bran, seeds. • Unprocessed or refined food → these foods cause blood glucose and therefore insulin levels to rise too high, this causes a decrease in testosterone levels. Testosterone booster is the most important hormone in the group of male androgens, and certainly the most famous among men. It is responsible for male sexual characteristics, increased muscle mass, strength and bone density, the distribution of fat by the body, hair loss patterns , male strength and energy and, Of course, the libido and fertility , so, if we are looking for a child, it is important to keep their levels at bay. Like all sex hormones, testosterone is derived from cholesterol and its immediate precursor is DHEA . The pituitary gland is in charge of controlling its production by the testes and according to the phases of the day it varies, reaching a maximum peak during the morning and lower during the night. Also, it is during puberty when the highest testosterone peaks occur in man; This stage is where male expressions such as the growth of the penis and the testicles , the increase of the facial, pubic and body in general, the change of voice, the increase of muscle mass, muscular and muscle strengthening take place and maximize. the growth in height. Symptom Symptoms that warn of poor levels of testosterone generally make it difficult to get a pregnancy, since in addition to lack of sexual desire, also manifest with bad erections, low sperm production, lower motivation and lack of energy. Physically there is also a loss of muscle mass, increased percentage of fat and bone fragility. Can you increase the levels? With a healthy diet and lifestyle, testosterone levels can be increased, while poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle can have the opposite effect. As for food, it is important to incorporate foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals, as well as monounsaturated fats and Omega3 into the diet. Minerals such as zinc are essential for the production of testosterone as it prevents it from turning into estrogen, preventing the aromatas enzyme from doing its job, this mineral helps produce a healthier sperm and an increase in the level of sperm. Foods such as tuna, milk, eggs, oysters, seafood, meat, avocados, nuts, brown rice, beans, grapes, garlic, honey, cabbage and watermelon are very beneficial to maintain good levels of testosterone. Factors that reduce testosterone levels The Alcohol is one of the substances that help less testosterone as it hinders the work of the liver to break down estrogen thereby making estrogen levels increase and lower the testosterone. So you know, if you want to maintain good levels of testosterone it is important to control the intake of alcohol. On the other hand, the higher the percentage of body fat, the lower the estrogen levels; Body fat contains an enzyme called aromatase that converts "male" testosterone into "female" estrogen, causing estrogen levels to be reduced. That is why it is interesting to maintain a good muscle tone and physical form, something that is achieved with good nutrition and exercising regularly. Likewise, German scientists discovered that having a simple erection produces an elevation of the levels of testosterone, deducting like this, that being sexually stimulated also favors the levels of this hormone. About The Author Testosteronerd is a best online destination for men who strive for living a performance driven life. We give essential tips to make informed decisions when it comes to Health, Fitness, Style, Relationships… And from our website. all that our readers will know how to become better men. Here we attached the social media links: FB Pinterest GooglePlus Twitter