Discover Your Performance Personality to Increase Your Results in the Gym Your performance personality heavily influences your motivation levels, your commitment and your progress. Approaching your workouts based on your personality type will allow you take advantage of your strengths and get the most out of each session. If you’re frustrated with your progress or are curious how you can speed up your results, consider how your personality influences your fitness. The Perfectionist You excel at life. You genuinely enjoy coming out on top, and truly believe second place means you did not try hard enough. A champion at heart, you tend to stick with a fitness routine you know are suited to your strengths; this ensures you will be good at whatever you choose to tackle. While you will always be happy with your achievements, there is a downside: you will not see the results you could if you pushed yourself outside your comfort zone. Over time, you might even be disappointed with your progress. To improve your fitness results, try karate, climbing, boxing, strength training or working with a personal trainer – anything intense that pulls you out of your comfort zone. Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable, knowing that the more physically challenging a task is the greater the reward. The Optimist There is such a thing as being too relaxed. While self-acceptance is an incredibly admirable quality, being too relaxed means you feel little to no pressure to push yourself. As a result, your fitness will suffer. When your friend asks to go for a run, you go. Your spouse wants to spend the afternoon weight training, you go. But when it comes to following a plan, being too relaxed is seriously hindering your results. This lack of motivation may stem from a fear of change and commitment. To overcome this, create a workout program that incorporates various training methods – HIIT, weight training, yoga, circuit training – to stay motivated and maximize your results. The Resolute With your personality, dedication and setting goals is your strength. However, your downfall is creating health and fitness goals that are so lofty you quickly become discouraged when you fail to reach them. At first, your resolution makes you feel fantastic and motivated. A few weeks later, you lose focus or slip into a state of boredom. All progress screeches to a halt. The best approach is to become a micro-manager. Break those lofty goals down into smaller goals that are achievable short-term, rather long-term. If your goal is to complete a 10k, start with a 5k and incorporate cross-training into your fitness routine. This will keep your interest levels high, since interval training only requires 15-20 minutes. The Opportunist With the best intentions, you see opportunities to become healthier and stronger all around you. However, making a commitment can be hard. You have fitness on your day planner and gym clothes in the car, but you often fail to make it to the gym. Why pay a gym membership or go to a class when you can run at the park, right? The best approach for the opportunist is to take advantage of the various fitness apps available that allow you to earn points for fitness classes, active wear, healthy food and other items by simply tracking your daily activity. Some of these offers allow you to try classes, gyms and workouts without making the commitment of a hefty annual membership fee. Each day, focus on what you can do to be stronger and healthier than the day before. If all your focus is on the results, you will leave yourself feeling defeated and that your goals are unattainable. Ultimately, identifying your performance personality will help you approach your fitness goals as effectively as possible – putting you on the fast-track to success.