Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Junk Food Cravings Our mental discipline can't be at the same level all the time. Maybe you generally manage to control the urge to dive into junk food and maintain a well-balanced diet throughout the day. Still, there's always one day of the week, one moment when you simply start thinking about a delicious cupcake in your fridge or a hot dog from the stand outside your office and you can't stop. You just can't control yourself and you end up devouring it in a split of seconds. When the rush is gone, that's when the blame kicks in - you're thinking how many bad calories there were and how you seriously lack discipline. But know this - the hormone dopamine is what makes you crave for unhealthy, sugary food. Sometimes strong will just isn't enough. What you really need in those moments of temptation is a prepared plan. Here are some tips that will help you control yourself next time: 1. Take a break There's a chance you want to eat something unhealthy because you're just bored. If you're at work, make a break and find a colleague to talk to. If you're at home, find a thing to do around the house or go outside. The craving should pass after a couple of minutes. 2. Hydrate your body Sometimes your body is just thirsty but it sends you the signal of hunger instead. Try to be always hydrated by drinking 8 glasses of water a day. If you think that regular water would be too dull, try with fruit water or a nice tea, even better if it’s cleansing tea such as red clover or burdock. When you are dehydrated your body sometimes tells you it’s hungry, when it actually only wants water. 3. Go for a walk If you can, try doing a mild exercise before you reach for sugary snacks. A quick 15-minute walk can prevent you from eating something sweet. It doesn't have to be an intense exercise, just a moderately intense work-out that could help. 4. Healthy snacks at your reach It's always easier to give in to the temptation if you know there is junk food somewhere in the kitchen cabinet. But if you get rid of all the cookies and chocolate and fill your home with healthy snacks like fruit, then you won't have a choice on the matter, right? There are tons of different healthy foods easy to make, including cereals and smoothies, and highly nutritive ingredients such as brown rice protein powder or natural oils that you can add to the mix. 5. Ask yourself - is it stress? Sometimes we reach for sugary food in order to comfort ourselves after a fight or unpleasant event. Food is a way to get away from the problem at least for a while and to improve our mood. But it only lasts a short period of time. If you feel the need to stuff yourself with fat or sugar, stop for a second and think - has something bad happened recently? Have you been feeling stressed out? If the answer is yes, find other ways to distract yourself like taking the dog out for a walk or playing some upbeat music. After 20 minutes, if you still feel the craving, then indulge yourself. 6. Turn in earlier If your cravings occur in the evening or at night, try to go to bed earlier. Our willpower weakens as the night approaches, and there's a greater chance that you will somehow convince yourself you deserve that cookie at the end of the day. It's better to just go and get some healthy sleep earlier and the evening - you can't eat in your sleep! 7. Brush your teeth This is also a good trick, especially if you have evening cravings. When you spend 10 minutes brushing and polishing your teeth in the bathroom and start enjoying the clean taste in your mouth, you will be less likely to ruin the whole process afterward by taking a bite of something from the kitchen. Final comment As anything else that takes planning in advance, it will take some time for you to get used to being always prepared for moments of uncontrollable cravings for junk food. Don't be too hard on yourself - every new habit needs time to be properly developed and to become a part of your everyday life. About the Author Helen Bradford is a journalism and architecture lover who enjoys giving advice and writing about different topics related to life in general. She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling.