Exercise Tips for Busy Working Moms Being a mom is a wonderful experience for a woman even though it’s challenging and demanding at times. After all, if you work and take care of the kids, you already have your hands full and hardly any energy for any exercise. But before you start accepting this line of thought, the situation may not be so dire. While it would make sense that exercising will tire you, even more, it's actually a completely different story. It will help you stay more focused and energized, as well as keep your body healthy and toned at the same time. Simply, start by making a plan, setting your goals and try some of the following exercise tips specially created with busy working moms in mind. 1. Turn your home into a gym If you can’t find the time to go to the gym, then create one at your home . You can set it anywhere in your home where you have some extra room like an attic, basement or garage. Even a laundry room or bedroom could work if there is enough space to fit the treadmill or elliptical cross-trainer. However, make sure that your children can't get to the equipment and hurt themselves especially if they are too small to understand the dangers. If you have a baby, then installing this equipment in the nursery may be the right solution that will give you a calm piece of mind. That way, you can work out with your dumbbells and still keep an eye on your child. 2. Exercise with your kids Children look up to their parents so don’t be surprised if they want to be your exercise buddies. Therefore, think about exercises that you can all do together like yoga and have fun at the same time. This is actually the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of physical activity and get them accustomed to it. If you have a backyard, then it's a perfect spot to place the mats and start with basic warm-up moves. Try Zumba, since it is fun and performed with music so you can turn the exercising with your kids into a dance event. This is also an ideal way to spend quality time with your kids and if your partner decides to join, then it will be fun for the whole family. 3. Don’t forget your diet Since as a mother, you already take care of the dietary habits of your children, then you won't have a problem to switch to healthier meal plan . Food is an integral part of any exercise plan especially if you try to lose weight besides getting into shape. Include more fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and lean protein into your meals and say goodbye to processed food. Instead of sugar, start using stevia for making desserts and drinks, although limiting or completely avoiding to eat sweets is better. Saturated fats may not always be easy to avoid since they are found in red meat, butter, cheese, and other animal-based foods, but you should limit their intake. However, you can treat yourself once in a while as long as that is not too often and you respect your exercise plan. 4. Jog with your baby If you have a baby or a small child that still rides in the stroller, use this to your advantage. Namely, taking your child for a walk is a perfect opportunity for you to exercise. Put on your running clothes and shoes, pack enough water and start jogging while pushing the stroller at the same time. However, pick a quality stroller from a reliable online baby gift shop which can handle a faster pace and thus keep your child nicely tucked in and safe. Also, start off with fast walks for a couple of weeks before you proceed to jog to avoid cramping and shortness of breath. Remember to stretch for five minutes before and after every jog to avoid any injury or muscle soreness. 5. Stay hydrated Water is important for every person, no matter if they are physically active or not. Make sure that you take at least eight glasses every day to avoid dehydration which leads to exhaustion. But, if you decide to exercise, you can also add some energizing drinks that will replenish your minerals and vitamins as well. Use lemon, cucumber, grapefruit, and oranges as an addition to your water by cutting them into slices and adding them to your water. They will be refreshing ways to drench your thirst during exercise and also get nutrients into your body. If you are too busy to keep track of the water intake, try some available apps intended for this since it will help your body be healthy and functional. Lastly These exercise tips will help busy working moms to start getting more active and take care of their health. The great thing about your exercise plan is that you can do it with your children and it can even include the whole family so you will never lack support. About the Author: Stella Ryne is an art historian who enjoys writing about her travels, self - care and health. Stella, is deeply into green practices and cherishing the notion of sustainable living.