Favourite Tasty Morning Coffee Substitutes That Aren’t Tea Who doesn’t love a nice hot bev to start the day with? According to a recent survey, coffee is now our most popular morning drink , with 61% of UK adults preferring it to tea. But while the odd cup now and again may not be a problem, we do know that caffeine can be harmful . In fact, if you regularly consume more than 5 cups a day, you run the risk of all sorts of serious health problems including hypertension, insomnia, osteoporosis, bladder irritation, liver damage, irritability and more. Luckily, in order to get going in the morning, coffee isn’t the only option. And neither is tea the only substitute! Is it possible to replace coffee with a steaming hot caffeine free alternative that still delivers a coffee-like taste experience? After speaking with coffee packaging experts at The Bag Broker we’ve put together five credible coffee substitutes for your delectation. 1. Dandelion Coffee If you’re looking forward to a warm and nourishing drink in the morning but regular coffee isn’t an option, try Dandelion Coffee. Made from roasted dandelion root extract, it makes a deliciously dark drink with a strong, earthy taste – not unlike coffee. This one is an instant drink made from specially farmed dandelions that are harvested and the roots air dried, roasted and ground, while this one can be used in a percolator or filter coffee machine. The chemical and preservative free hot drink is said to be great for the liver, gall bladder and digestion. 2. Chicory Coffee Roasted chicory root has a very similar mouthfeel to actual coffee, but with a lot more health benefits such as prebiotics to help your gut and small amounts of pretty much every essential vitamin. In fact, chicory has a long-term reputation as a cleansing medicinal herb that goes back as far as the ancient Egyptians! Brew chicory coffee from 100% roasted root granules or mix with roasted dandelion, carob or maca for a more complex flavour. Interestingly, many of those who have a hard time kicking the coffee habit are finding that this alternative comes closest to replicating the deep, dark, roasted and slightly bitter flavour of the real deal. 3. Barley Coffee Italy’s favourite alternative to coffee, Orzo Coffee is made from ground roasted barley, orzo being the Italian word for barley. A centuries-old Italian tradition, they make it as an espresso style drink that is widely available in cafes and vending machines, and is now also available over here. Brew Orzo just like you would ordinary coffee – try it as a cappuccino or latte too – for a refreshing, organic, naturally caffeine free hot drink that appears to be taking the world of alternative coffee drinkers by storm. One reviewer exclaimed, “I have used other popular brand before but they always had a funny taste. Orzo didn’t; it was creamy and tasted just like a coffee you would purchase at a coffee shop.” 4. Other Alternatives If you can roast coffee beans to produce the iconic morning bev, could you achieve a similar effect with other types of beans? Well, there’s Chickpea Coffee aka Garbanzo Coffee and once known as Egyptian Coffee. Made from roasted chickpeas, this drink is popular in Cuba and Puerto Rico but doesn’t seem to have taken off commercially elsewhere. If you’re curious about the taste, here’s a recipe for you to try . Soybean Coffee is made from, you guessed it, roasted and ground soy beans to produce a hot beverage that is similar to coffee. Its nutlike flavour is said to be surprising and delighting many real coffee lovers, so it’s a little surprising that no commercial manufacturers have spotted the gap in the market. Lucky, then, that you can easily make it yourself . 5. Mixed Brews Rather than limiting themselves to just one ‘ersatz’ ingredient in an attempt to create a passable coffee alternative, many manufacturers prefer to sell their own proprietary mixtures. Why not give these brands a try? Caro – Nestlé’s roasted barley, malted barley, chicory and rye coffee substitute was first introduced in West Germany in the 1970s where Caro is still a household name. Yannoh – A refreshing and healthy hot drink made from organic roasted grains (barley, rye, wheat), chicory and roasted chickpeas, produced by health food company Lima. Inka – A roasted grain drink made from rye, barley, chicory and sugar beet that’s been popular in Poland since 1971. Postum – Made form roasted wheat, bran and molasses, this hot beverage originated in the North American Mormon community. About The Author Dakota Murphey enjoys sharing her experiences of living a healthy lifestyle through her blog posts. Working as a freelance writer for a multitude of different industries, when she's not writing or cooking up a storm in her kitchen she enjoys hiking and countryside walks with her family.