Get started as a Personal Trainer: Five Ways to be Successful If you are just getting started as a personal trainer it’s natural to want to become successful as soon as possible. Building a good business and a working business model can take time, but there are certain things that every new personal trainer can do to help them succeed. Here are five ways personal trainers can find success as soon as possible. 1. Utilise social media As a new personal trainer you absolutely need to take advantage of social media. And don’t just focus on one form of social media – many of the different platforms have their own benefits that you can use for marketing and growing your client base. Facebook, for example, is a great place to start groups of your clients where you can share tips on training and get them to provide motivation to each other. Instagram can be used for posting pictures of sessions and creating aspirational stories to inspire new customers to join you. Just make sure that you regularly update any social media platform you use. It’s no use starting a Twitter page and then never posting – it will simply look like you aren’t offering sessions anymore. 2. Choose the right name You might think that naming your personal training business is unimportant, but actually it can make a big difference on the way you are perceived. Avoid trends – what seems like a hot topic now could be nothing more than a fad and in a year’s time your business name will be dated and unattractive. You should also ensure that you aren’t choosing a name that puts off potential clients. For example, focusing the name around one type of client, for example ‘Smith Bodybuilding’ can completely put off clients who are just looking to lose weight or regain a little physical fitness. Additionally, consider that your name should be aspirational rather than kitsch – an intentionally jokey name like Fight the Fat will put off some people. 3. Find your unique selling point In every industry there is lots of competition and when you are getting started you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. This means that you need to establish a unique selling point for your personal training sessions – why should someone choose you over the range of other personal trainers working in your area. There is no right or wrong answer here and you can come up with a few different ideas to try to see what is successful. Whether you offer a free monthly boot camp session to all your clients or create personalised meal plans, it will depend on the way you like to train and what you can offer. 4. Remember that every client is different It should be pointed out that one thing that can hold back many personal trainers is they believe there is a one-size-fits-all to their sessions. While this might sound like a good way to work for you, it simply will not work. Every client you work with is different, and so their goals, needs and expectations will be different too. Treat each client as an individual and you will begin to be successful as soon as possible . 5. Focus on goals, not promises Making promises can seem like a useful way to win clients, but it is almost never a good idea. Always remember that what your clients are trying to achieve – be it losing weight, increasing muscle bulk or developing a more toned physique – is hard work and that many people have tried and failed to do these things with personal trainers in the past. If you start to make promises about what you will achieve for them in six months, it might win you the client now, but ultimately it can lead to them becoming demotivated because they believe what you have promised them will come true regardless. Then in six months’ time when they have not achieved what they set out for, they will be angry with you. And instead of great personal recommendations, you’ll find negative reviews from clients. Instead, you need to focus on goals rather than promises. With a goal to work towards motivation stays high and achieving those goals leaves them feeling good about themselves. About the Author: Dakota Murphey enjoys sharing her experiences of living a healthy lifestyle through her blog posts. Working as a freelance writer for a multitude of different industries, when she's not writing or cooking up a storm in her kitchen she enjoys hiking and countryside walks with her family.