One change that you might want to consider making to your diet plan if you are hoping to achieve optimal health and body composition is eating less meat. While it’s critical that you do take in sufficient protein each day, the fact is, you don’t need to be eating meat to do this. You can certainly get away with eating non-meat sources of protein instead including beans, lentils, legumes, eggs, fish, along with tofu and tempeh. Why eat less meat? What benefits do you stand to gain? Let’s look at a few of the key reasons to consider reducing the meat in your diet plan. Lower Saturated Fat And Cholesterol Intake The first reason to reduce the amount of meat you consume is because doing so will help to lower your overall intake of saturated fat and cholesterol. While you won’t take in much saturated fat or cholesterol if you are eating meats like chicken or turkey, if you are feasting on beef and pork quite regularly, there’s no question that your intake will be higher. We all do need some saturated fat and cholesterol in our diet plan, but we don’t want to ever overdo it. Decreased Calorie Intake Along with lowering your intake of saturated fat and cholesterol, by reducing your intake of meat you’ll also naturally lower your calorie intake as well. Red meat especially can be quite high in calories as it’s a very calorie dense food. If you are watching your body weight, this can become a concern. By choosing lighter sources of protein – such as egg whites or white fish for instance, you can slash hundreds of calories from your day. Cheaper Groceries Finally, the last reason to eat less meat? Simply put: cheaper groceries. Let’s face the facts, eating healthy can be expensive and one of the biggest costs you will incur is lean meat sources. By shunning meat a few times per week and choosing lower cost protein sources such as beans, you can dramatically reduce your grocery budget. If you’ve ever complained that you don’t eat as healthy as you could be because it’s expensive, you’ll definitely want to consider this alternative instead. So there you have three great reasons to consider eating less meat in your diet plan. If you can start by just having one day where you go meat free, chances are, you’ll see that it’s not that bad at all. Then from there, you can add a second day and possibly even a third day as well. Just do be sure that on those meat free days you are taking in sufficient amounts of protein however otherwise you may be at risk for suffering from nutritional deficiencies. If you eat a balanced diet plan, you should have no problem with this.