Higher Energy Through Nutrition: Pitch Caffeine For These Is coffee the only thing that gets you going during the day? If you always start your day off with a cup of coffee and then are sure to follow that up with another cup or two as you carry out your diet plan, it’s time for a change. While the odd cup of coffee here and there is generally going to be fine, when you rely on coffee too much, you’re going to come to experience more severe crashes and will also notice withdrawal symptoms when you don’t have it. Fortunately, the right foods can help. If you use superior nutrition to energize your body, you’ll have lasting energy that carries you through until bed. Here are the best energizing foods to add to your menu. Bananas When it comes to energy, you simply can’t beat the banana . Not only is it fast to grab and highly convenient, but it has a great mix of natural fruit sugars as well as complex starches. This helps ensure that you get that initial burst of energy, while still being sustained for the long run. Plus, bananas are also a very high potassium food, and this mineral is essential for proper muscular contractions. A banana before or after exercise is the best way to promote optimal performance. At around 100 or so calories per banana, they’re an easy add to any diet plan. Beans The next energizing food and one that far too often is overlooked are beans. Whether you like black beans, white beans, or brown beans, beans are a must-have. They’re also rich in potassium and supply a high dose of complex carbohydrates as well. What’s more is they also offer a good dose of protein, so this can help balance blood glucose levels. Preventing that blood glucose crash is essential to avoid the energy low that comes with it. Serve beans with a main protein source or on their own – they’re highly versatile. Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes are the next food that you’ll want to be including in your diet plan if gaining more energy is a priority. Sweet potatoes are another rich source of complex carbohydrates and will provide a nice amount of dietary fiber as well. You’ll also get a bit of vitamin C when you eat sweet potatoes , which is an important vitamin involved in immune function. The stronger your immune system is, the more energy you’ll have. Coconut Finally, the last energizing food to consider adding to your diet plan is coconut . The unique thing about coconut is that the fats found in this food are available almost immediately as an energy source, just like carbohydrates are. Most fats take a long time to break down, so they aren’t really considered to be ‘energizing foods. Coconut is and still will provide the same blood glucose regulating benefits that any other fat would. So there you have four great high energy foods that can easily replace caffeine in your day. Set your diet up right and you simply won’t need to be going in for that coffee on a daily basis. About the Author: FHMatch, all-in-one `Business in a Box! If you're a professional this is for you, it’s always FREE to showcase your profile on FHMatch ! Empowering professionals to engage, manage and grow their client base - everything you need to get started in 3 min or less. |Merchant Payments| Unlimited - No Fee Booking, Invoicing & Messaging| Showcase Photos & Videos, Subsidized Insurance| Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , Pinterest , LinkedIn