Home Improvement Projects That Can Boost Your Health And Fitness People who fit more physical activity into their daily routines make long-term fitness gains similar to people who do traditional gym exercises like stair-climbing and jogging, a study at the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas found. So, if housework and home improvement projects usually feel like a chore, you may want to motivate yourself by thinking about the calories burned and muscles toned. Intensive housework involving elbow grease and hard graft is bound to get your heart rate up, burn calories, and test your endurance. Vacuum and clean floors Vacuuming and cleaning your carpets gives your body a great workout. The forward and backward movements you make will tone your tummy and oblique muscles. You’ll also work your legs, arms, and shoulders, In fact, vacuuming for half an hour burns roughly 90 calories, so it can also help weight loss. Vacuum the entire house in one session and use the tool end brush to create extra resistance. To give your floors a deeper clean, scrub them thoroughly with a wet cloth. Bending down and incorporating squats will result in an effective arm and leg workout. Modernize the bathroom Use a spare weekend to update your bathroom while burning calories at the same time. Consider making the room more accessible and easier to navigate for residents or guests with limited mobility. Install grab bars, a shower door providing easier access, and a comfortable toilet seat. The time spent bending down, drilling, and hammering will give you a good workout. Afterwards, give your bathroom a deep clean. Scrub the floor, tiles, sink, bath, and toilet and you’ll burn up calories fast. Lastly, scent the room with a citrus scent — inhaling citrus for ten minutes has been proven to boost mood and lower rates of fatigue, confusion, tension, and anxiety. The less stressed you are, the lower your cortisol levels, and the more fat you’re able to burn. Tidy and declutter Something as simple as de-cluttering and tidying your home can help keep your weight in check. A study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin , found that women who described their homes as “cluttered" or full of “unfinished projects” were more depressed, fatigued, and had higher levels cortisol than women with “restful” and “restorative” homes. Higher levels of cortisol can make it harder for people to lose weight. Additionally, living in a messy, chaotic environment can lead to poor eating choices. You may order take out if the dishes are dirty or keep junk food out on the counter within easy reach. Lastly, give your walls a fresh a coat of paint to brighten up your whole home. If they’re particularly old or dirty, you may need to patch your walls up and apply primer first. All the standing and reaching upwards will strengthen your arms and legs. Remember to engage your abs to maintain proper posture and get in a mini core workout. After following these tips, you’ll have a pristine home, improved fitness, and a better body to boot. About the Author: Sally Phillips is a professional freelance writer with many years experience across many different areas. She made the move to freelancing from a stressful corporate job and loves the work-life balance it offers her. When not at work, Sally enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with her family and travelling as much as possible.