With holiday parties and family get-togethers, it’s hard to keep clients committed over the holiday season. Things may pick up in the spring as clients work on their “beach body”, only to slow again during the summer months. Trying to fill those slow periods on the calendar is a common problem fitness trainers encounter throughout the year. Consider the following 5 creative ways you can fill your downtime, while also growing your business at the same time. Create an online training system With all its unpredictability, life has a way of limiting many client’s ability to be consistent. From moving to having kids, the reasons will vary. A great way to keep up with clients that have moved on – and fill slow periods on your calendar – is to create an online training system. Online fitness offers an even more comprehensive service. You can create great programs for your clients with meal plans that features superior information. During slow periods in one on one personal training, focus on creating and developing your online fitness courses and building online presence through social media platforms. Offer specials or discounts Since the holidays are often a slow period for certified personal trainers, try offering holiday specials. Give the gift of fitness by offering gift certificates to your clients to be redeemed by their friends and family. You can also offer discounts to your clients. For example, you can offer a 25 percent discount for a package of 10, or a free session with a purchase of 10 sessions. Organize a competition Another way to fill those empty days on your calendar is to organize a competition between your clients (and/or gym members), or help them prepare for an upcoming race or event. In doing this, you can help them stay committed to their goals and dedicated to their diet program. Because they are working towards a desired outcome at the competition, they will be encouraged to continue to fit their gym sessions into their busy schedules. Write blog posts During slow stretches, you can take advantage of the extra time you have by writing as many blog posts as possible. Blog posts are a great way to build your fitness website’s SEO; thus, ensuring that your site shows up in Google more. In addition, you can use your blog as a way to organize all of your research and share health tips. Each article your write has value; they will benefit those who know less than you and wish to learn what you know. In the end, writing your blog posts is not only a productive use of downtime, but it will also attract new clients. Offer 30-minute sessions Most fitness trainers schedule 60-minute sessions with their clients and groups. This amount of time allows them to do everything they want to fit in with that particular client that day (warm-up, training, stretching, mobility work, cool down, etc.). For the client, the more time they have each session to work towards their goal the better results they will see. However, during holidays and other slow periods, you should consider implementing 30-minute sessions for clients. It isn’t uncommon for 60-minute clients to cancel or take a “break” during the holidays. Before they do, offer a 30-minute session that will keep them accountable to their goals, while also allowing more time for their festivities. Don’t let slow weeks, months, or holiday seasons worry you. While it can be stressful, use those slow periods as an opportunity to encourage current clients, reach new ones and grow your business.