Proper sleep is difficult to achieve since most of the day, people work, eat, relax a bit, and then sleep. The entire day is jam-packed with activities, most of which aren't fun (working somewhere you don't enjoy, having a boss that's mean to you, etc.) People spend a lot of energy on work and usually when they come home, they want a hot meal and a small amount of rest before finally going to sleep later. You might get around 8 hours of sleep each night, but because you work so hard during the day, it simply isn't enough. We can guarantee that you've experienced issues related to sleep such as waking up in the morning and not feeling rested at all, or maybe even morning headaches. This article will show you some tips and tactics which you can use to improve the quality of your sleep and, in general, make you more energetic in the morning. Avoid stressful activities before sleep Stress is a major factor that contributes to the lack of sleep. If you do stressful activities during the day, why do them before sleep? It'll make you restless during the night, and you might have trouble even falling asleep. If this happens – well, you most likely won't feel like doing anything when you wake up, if you even get any sleep. Sleep is meant to rejuvenate you so do your best to do something that relaxes you before going to sleep. For example, if you enjoy watching movies, watch a movie that won't cause you to tense up. The best choices for this are comedies. Play computer games if they're something you enjoy or simply find something that'll relax you! Help your body flush out toxins in the morning This is a relatively unknown method that people don't do as they don't have time. However, various drinks and energy bombs can help you flush out toxins in the morning. Toxins can appear due to unhealthy lifestyle choices, junk food, and various other things. You can make smoothies in the morning which will clear them out, or you can use foods that do this such as raw vegetables. If you're not a fan of raw vegetables, you can prepare them any way you want, but they're healthiest when fresh and raw. Check out Peak Nootropics Phenibut if you want a healthy alternative or an addition to what we've already mentioned. PN Phenibut will also improve your cognitive abilities, so you'll be more focused and prepared in the morning! Don't eat right before going to bed You really shouldn't do this. When you go to sleep, your body goes into sleep mode, and it moves all available resources around to other, more vital parts of your body. Your stomach is at minimum power during sleep. If you eat right before going to bed, you're going to wake up with gases, and a highly probable stomach ache. You'll also mess up your metabolism which means that you might even start gaining unnecessary weight. Technically, you can eat during the night, but it's not recommended as that is not a normal time when people should eat. Try to avoid doing this at all costs. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine We're not telling you to give up on drinking alcohol, coffee, and smoking cigarettes, but be mindful of how much you consume. Cigarettes and alcohol are both very unhealthy and can be incredibly dangerous. Cigarettes can cause lung cancer and various other issues and can even negatively influence the people around you. Alcohol can cause death by overdose. Caffeine can be healthy in moderate dosages, but avoid drinking coffee before bed. Drinking too much coffee will lead your body to become dependent on it, and when this happens, coffee acts like a drug. Drinking alcohol increases the BAC in our body and that decreases the sleep quality. Initially, people feel drowsy, but people wake up very often in between due to the disruptive effect of alcohol. Don't drink too much water but stay hydrated Technically, everything is safe if the dosage is correct. Water poisoning is real and quite dangerous so don't drink too much of it. Simply drink whenever you feel thirsty! Stay away from the ‘two liters of water a day are a must' saying. You will obviously need a lot more water in the summer than in the winter. From a personal example, I drink around 4-6 liters of water each day during the summer when it's scorching hot and around 1-2 liters of water during the winter. However, drinking too much water just before sleep may disrupt your sleep. Also for the kidney patients, it is not a good idea to consume too much water as this creates additional pressure on the kidney. It all depends on your body and when it will signal you for water! About the Author: Brenan Quirante is a publisher at Peak Nootropics, a blog dedicated to supplements that enhance brain function. Peak Nootropics supplement ensures benefits such as enhance learning, improve memory, Increase motivation in workouts, and enhance mood and much more. Connect with Peak Nootropics through Facebook and Twitter.