Keep Your Feet Fit with These Ideas Avoiding foot pain doesn’t need to be a chore. As long as you keep certain key tips in mind, you’ll be much more likely to stay comfortable on your feet throughout life. Beyond simple things like wearing supportive boots in the fall and winter and comfortable sandals in the warmer months, it’s good practice to be aware of the best ways to take care of your feet. Specifically, it’s important to remember the following essential points. Look at Them Your feet aren’t exactly easy to see if you’re not making a point of looking directly at them. Thus, you should examine them once a week; it’s best to do this immediately after a shower. Look for scaling or peeling skin, as well as any discoloration of the toenails. Make an appointment with your doctor if you notice anything unusual. Be Careful When Clipping Toenails Don’t trim too close to your skin when clipping your toenails and avoid significantly rounding the corners. Doing so may put you at a greater risk of developing ingrown toenails, which can be very painful . Clip your toenails straight across for better results. Don’t Go Barefoot in Public Spaces like gym locker rooms and public pool areas can expose your feet to a lot of potential contaminants and bacteria. Make sure to protect your feet with the appropriate footwear when in these areas. Make Sure Your Shoes Fit Right Shoes that are too tight can lead to a wide range of problems, from corns to bunions and more. Shoes that are too loose don’t provide your feet with the support and stability they need. That’s why it’s a good idea to measure both of your feet every time you plan on buying new shoes. Remember, that one foot can sometimes be smaller than the other. That’s just another reason why measuring both is important. Wear Synthetic Fiber Socks When your feet sweat, they are much more likely to attract bacteria. That’s why it helps to wear breathable shoes and synthetic fiber socks. They are less conducive to a moist environment than socks made with cotton or similar materials. Don’t Share Shoes You don’t know what kinds of fungal infections another person may have. Even if someone is close to you, don’t share your shoes with them. You could be putting your feet at risk without realizing it. Clean Them Make sure you thoroughly clean your feet with soap while showering. You also need to thoroughly dry them after your shower. If they are allowed to remain somewhat moist, bacteria will have more opportunity to develop. Of course, you should also coordinate with your doctor if you think you may have any foot problems. Acting fast boosts your odds of preventing a minor issue from turning into a more painful condition. By staying on top of your foot health and keeping these tips in mind, you’ll keep your feet in great shape for years. About the Author: Clarissa Rivera is the Content Marketer at Taos Footwear.