You may have heard about the strategy of drinking lemon water for weight loss before. Does it really work? Is it any better than drinking just plain water? What other benefits might it give you? There are a few reasons to consider drinking lemon water for weight loss as this does provide a few more benefits that most people realize. The weight loss benefits however are not entirely direct, but nevertheless, important to consider. Let’s go over why you should think about dirnking lemon water for weight loss. Tastes Great Let’s start with the obvious: drinking plain water day after day after day gets boring. There’s no two ways around this. It simply is. Most people fail to reach their daily water quota because they just aren’t drinking enough. It’s not tasty enough and therefore, they are enticed by other beverages. Often, those other beverages contain calories however, which is then only going to set them back in terms of their overall weight loss goals. By adding some lemon to your water, you add mild flavor, which can make it that much more appealing and easier to get down. More water taken in can lead to better weight loss. Detoxification Effects The next reason to drink lemon water as part of you day is because it can have detoxification benefits. Lemon itself serves to help reduce harmful bacteria in the body, so it may help you take your health up a notch. If you experience good cleansing because you are drinking the lemon water, this can then mean you feel better overall and are more likely to stick with your diet and especially your exercise program. Both of these will indirectly lead to better results. pH Balancing Do you ever consider what your pH level is at? Most people don’t, but yet, this does play an important role in how you feel overall. If you want to maintain optimal health, you want to ensure that your pH level is where it needs to be. Most of us are currently in a state where we are too acidic in nature because of all the protein and processed foods we are eating, so lemon water can help us get back on track. Lemon may be very acidic outside the body, but once you consume it, it has alkalizing effects on the body, thus making your entire body less acidic overall. It may help you return to a healthier pH balance, which in turn helps you feel healthier overall. This too will help you stick with your program better and enjoy the entire weight loss process that much more. So there you have all the key benefits that adding lemon water to your day can have. Indirectly, it may just give you an edge as far as fat burning goes. Try and keep some on hand at all times as this is what will encourage you to keep your hydration status up.