Look After Yourself: Prioritize Healthy Eating When Busy You might think that as we grow older, we would stop making excuses like when we were kids, or that we would eat everything that's on our plate nice and slowly. Well, since we live in a fast pacing world and lead a busy and hectic lifestyle, that can be quite hard to achieve. But not impossible! You should always bear in mind the phrase "you are what you eat" and focus on blending healthy foods with your daily schedule. And here are the tips on how to do that. Make a concrete plan The first excuse that you should completely rule out is the one where you just can’t seem to find time to make a healthy meal. Start by doing your general groceries shopping once a week all in one shop, Saturday’s would be the best. If you don’t want to waste the time in the shop, prepare a list of necessary groceries in advance as well. Pay attention to the shelf life of a certain product. Maybe you would need to buy fresh fruits and vegetables more than once a week because they tend to rotten fast. Then on Sunday start your weekly plan. Since you'll be buying in bulk, make a (written) plan of what you are going to prepare during the following week. Even a fresh salad would be effective to boost up your health, rather than heading out to a fast food restaurant. Don’t skip breakfast This should be your number one priority. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and here is why! Firstly, it energizes you and boosts your organism so that you can face up any challenges that the busy working day has set in front of you. Next, when your morning starts off well, with a healthy and nutritional breakfast, you will remain calm, tranquil and responsive during the day. If you are busy or running late to work, don't just grab a cup of coffee, but rather go for a quick and easy meal. For instance, you can prepare a healthy smoothie, for which you only need about 2 minutes. Just take a banana, fresh blueberries or raspberries and blend them together with Greek yogurt. And there you have it. Have a healthy lunch at work Since your health and wellbeing should be of utmost importance, you shouldn't avoid eating quality meals even at work. Usually, you are aware in advance if you are going to have a busy week packed with meetings and other responsibilities, then prepare your lunch at home in advance. You would know that you are intaking healthy and organic foods when you prepare them by yourself at home. Take a break, eat your lunch at ease, don't hesitate to eat it at your desk if you have tight deadlines. On the other hand, if you can't seem to find time to prepare lunch at home, you can always order fresh and nutritious meal from MyMuscleChef , such as beef lasagna with broccoli and rice. You will have a quality healthy conscious meal and get a much-needed protein boost. Pick healthful products Every once in a while, you can treat yourself with some guilty pleasures, but when you have a busy and hectic day, you should strive to eat only the fresh and healthy products. If you are dining out with colleagues and business partners, select a restaurant that serves and prepares organic or homemade meals. When you are ordering food, make sure that you choose something that is grilled, steamed, poached or baked. As a side dish, choose green salad or lettuce. Pay a close eye on the drinks Even if coffee can make you feel wide awake and alert at the office, drinking too much of caffeine-filled beverages can actually be harmful to your health. Many people don't know that coffee is diuretic and can have negative effects on your heart. If you really need extra energy at work, opt for a healthier alternative like green tea. Even better alternative would be to eat a handful of nuts or cranberries. Last but not least, drink lots and lots of water. Drinking water all day long will help you stay hydrated, healthy and alert. By implementing these habits into your daily routine, you would significantly improve your health and enhance your metabolism. About the Author Helen Bradford is a journalism and architecture lover who enjoys giving advice and writing about different topics related to life in general. She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling.