Most Coaches and Holistic Practitioners would love to get more referrals People who contact you from a referral are already 90% of the way to a Yes! Before we talk about how to get more referrals, it’s important to understand why people refer. People will send you referrals if they truly believe that you can support the people they’re sending your way AND you’ve created good will with them. If both are true, you’ll be likely to have lots of people sending you referrals. There are several ways to increase the likelihood that you’ll get lots of referrals. Let’s start with how to create good will. Lead with Generosity When you reach out to ask for a referral, do you start by offering support or value or do you sound desperate and needy? Most people make the mistake of asking for referrals like this: “Hello John. Look, I’ve hit a little rough patch in my business, and I’m wondering if you could send me some referrals. No, you can’t think of anyone? Okay. I’m sorry to bother you.” John may be a friend, but he will probably never refer with a request like that. You’re much more likely to get referrals if you ask if there is anything you can support John with before you make a request for referrals. Even if you make a it a habit to create good will, it’s still important to have the 4 Major Client Attractors in place so people feel good about sending you referrals. Major Client Attractor #1: Compelling Niche Most Coaches and Holistic Practitioners struggle because they’re trying to be everything for everybody. Then they get lost in the noise of all of the other Coaches and Holistic Practitioners who sound just like them when they share what they do. If you aren’t solving one urgent problem for a specific group of people, it’s difficult for people to send you referrals because they don’t know who to send to. At Thrive Academy, we define your niche as: solving one urgent problem for a specific group of people. While we have had some clients make six figures without a niche, it’s much harder to have a successful business without a niche. When you have a specific niche, people will be more likely to send you referrals and will be happy to pay you more because they’ll assume you’re an expert. And it doesn’t matter whether your niche is within the realm of money, health, relationships, or beauty. As long as you solve an urgent problem, your people will gladly invest top dollar in your services. For example, our client Rose Cole, who was charging $500 per hour for nutrition consulting and health coaching and had a $750,000 year before scaling back to prepare for her baby. And Ying Han Cheng, a business coach who flew in from Singapore to attend our events, who earned $40,000 within 3 months and filled up her group coaching program. And Robbie Kramer, who charges $350 per month for his online dating advice program for men which doesn’t include any private time with him. When you share the urgent problem you solve and whom you solve it for, it will be easy for people to think of someone they can refer to you. And people who have an urgent problem, know other people like them that have the same challenge. If you help them resolve their problem, you better believe they’ll tell their friends about you. Major Client Attractor #2: Position Yourself The second client attractor is Positioning Yourself like a rockstar without sounding arrogant...even if you’re just starting out. Until you learn how to position yourself powerfully as a potential coach, mentor or practitioner, it’s difficult for people to send you referrals. What is Positioning? It’s the space you occupy in someone’s it or not, our mind has to put people in a category within seconds of meeting someone new. This means people you meet will decide almost immediately if you’re a potential friend, date, or even client! (You’ve been to those networking events where everyone views everyone else as a potential client, right?) The good news is that you have some say into which category people put you in. If you share something impressive about yourself, they may put you in the potential mentor, coach or practitioner category. Sometimes all it takes is learning how to position yourself to get your phone ringing with people who want to book a consultation with you. For example, Lori Opal is a LMFT who came to us after 25 years of working with clients and even mentoring interns! But she wasn’t telling any of her potential clients this--Once she learned how to position herself when talking with potential clients, she had her first $10,000+ month within two months of working with us. She was looking to start saving for college for her pre-teen daughers. Before joining Thrive Academy, she didn’t know where the money was going to come from. But she’s doubled her income in a short period of time as a LMFT. Major Client Attractor #3: Hero’s Journey Story Until you have a clear personal story that shows how you understand what it’s like for your ideal clients, it’s hard for your potential clients or referral partners to truly get the value that you bring to your clients. And, without it, your people won’t feel your passion or trust you as much… Once you create your Hero’s Journey Story, your people will feel your heart and will feel much more compelled to work with you. Because they’ll know that if you can prevail, they can too. Major Client Attractor #4: Your “What do you do?” Statement When you master the first 3 Major Client Attractors, you’ll find that your “What Do You Do?” Statement instantly becomes more compelling… And your what do you do statement is perhaps the most important piece, because this is how people will talk about what you do with people they want to refer to you. Which of these Client Attractors would be a game changer for you? Once you have all 4 of the Major Client Attractors in place, and you lead with generosity, it’s much more likely that people will send you quality referrals. About the Author: Sharla Jacobs, Thrive Academy Your People Are Waiting For You. They Need The Transformation Only You Can Provide. We’re Here To Help You Find Them. My Name Is Jesse Koren And Before My Wife Sharla And I Taught over 50,000 Holistic Coaches and Holistic Practitioners how to Confidently Attract Clients.