Music and Health: Why You Should Learn to Play Guitar Playing the guitar is no longer viewed as an activity that is solely dedicated for entertainment. There are different benefits that the player can get whenever he or she plays the guitar. This is one of the reasons why parents are being encouraged to let their children get music lessons . Here are the reasons why you should learn to play guitar: Sharpen your mind When you learn to play the guitar, you will realize that it is not really simple. It requires your dedication and your ability to use your memory. At first, you will be assisted on how to read guitar tabs. After that, you will also learn how to create chord shapes. These two activities alone can help you stimulate your memory. Parents who have children who are having a hard time focusing should consider letting their children learn how to play the guitar. This will not only give them something worthwhile to focus on but will also help improve and sharpen their memory. This will let them analyze and memorize patterns. Improves your concentration There are different skills that you need to develop when you are playing the guitar. All these skills are needed for you to perfect the craft. Your mind and your hands should be working together perfectly. Your concentration is needed for you to be able to accurately play the notes. As time passes by, you will definitely learn how to concentrate so you can hear more and memorize the exact sound that you need to produce. Aside from reading guitar chords, you must also know the exact timing. The notes and the chords must already be in your mind. You should know the order of these notes for you to know how to play a song perfectly. Improves math and English skills This may sound a bit disconnected to the topic but there is really a connection between music and your math and English skills. You must first know that the lessons you will learn from music theory are based on mathematical patterns. This can help you improve your math skills while you learn your chords. The connection between music theory and improvement in English skills is particularly for young children. This will help them learn how to read faster. It also improves their comprehension. Boost your confidence As an adult who is constantly striving hard to become successful in life, you need something that can make you feel fulfilled and confident. Playing guitar will give you the confidence you need. There is satisfaction that can be gained when you learn how to play a piece perfectly. If you ever feel like nothing is making sense and you are just tired of working, you can learn to play guitar and you will have a new perspective about life. You will see yourself as someone who is capable of doing things that are worthwhile. Get better at multitasking For you to successfully learn to play the guitar, you need to understand that there should be coordination between your hands and mind. Aside from that, you also need to learn how to listen intently and develop sight-reading skill. All these three skills should be shown whenever you are playing. If you are having a hard time doing different things at the same time, guitar playing can be the best thing that you can consider. It will give you a good practice on how to manage your different senses to enable you does to different activities. Boost your creativity skills by improvising Aside from learning the different techniques on how to play the guitar perfectly, you will also be able to learn how to improvise. This is a skill that allows you to explore other ways on playing the music in a way that will make it sound better. It is something that you will learn to do when you are already confident about playing. Improvising will give you the idea that it is a good thing to go out of the usual road you are taking. It will help you explore your creativity. As you improvise and see that you are actually making a good sound with your own style, you will also gain that confidence to explore other areas of life that you think are impossible to penetrate. Guitar playing has different benefits not only to adults but also for kids. It brings out the natural artist in you. There will be no dull moments if you know how to play the guitar. Even if you are alone, you will be accompanied by the music you are making. If you want to make your life worth living, embrace the benefits that music can bring. After all, life is nothing without the wonderful music that you are listening to. About The author Sage Music School is much more than a place students come for music lessons. It is a community of musicians – teachers, students, and supporters alike – who are dedicated to musical and personal growth and success.