LIFT Live, Improve, Fitness, Transformation - your exclusive look at what we're up to this month FHMATCH NEWS The new FHMatch is here! We're so excited for you to finally see what we've been working on for the last year - these updates will help you stay organized with your busy schedule and manage your business. See some of the features below or login to your account and take a look for yourself! SIGN IN Payments & Invoicing Lots of new payment functionality to help you run your business! Take a deposit to secure your bookings, request and receive payment from clients on FHMatch. Also, send invoices to your clients right from a booking. More Detailed Services When you add services to your profile to be booked, you can now add tons of new details for your clients. Add specific locations for each service and custom name for the service. Set your rate for the service, the currency and required deposit. Set a custom availability for the service, extra details and terms & conditions. Updated Booking Calendar Sort through all your bookings by received and requested, view specific bookings by status and choose your calendar view - day, week, month or list. Also, search through all your bookings based on keywords. Detailed Appointment Functionality Change appointment details for individual bookings such as price and location. Add notes to the appointment or message the client from the booking page. Send invoices, receive payment and rate the client. CREATE YOUR FREE PROFILE FHMatch at OATA Event Our founder, spoke at the OATA taking care of business/ personal development event on Sunday, October 22, about marketing and SEO for professionals in the health industry. Check out all the pictures here. FHMatch Subsidized Insurance For a limited time, sign up or upgrade to a Premium profile and FHMatch will subsidize up to $150* on any insurance plan. Use code INSURANCE150 when purchasing. *Promotion only applies to users who sign up for an annual prepaid plan (month to month doesn’t qualify). This offer cannot be combined with any other discount or offers. No refunds, purchase is final. CURRENT PROMOTIONS Free Shaw Academy Course Want to learn about sports nutrition? Get a diploma in diet & weight loss? Grow your qualifications with one of Shaw Academy's online courses! Sign up for an account on FHMatch and receive a FREE online course at the Shaw Academy – $600 value! Click to sign up here. Tapplock Tapplock is the world’s first smart fingerprint padlock. Use your fingerprint as your key to get access to your possessions in 0.8 seconds. Tapplock provides its users the ability to store up to 500 fingerprints for multiple users, share Bluetooth access remotely, rechargeable battery that lasts up to a full year. Its unbreakable durability gives you a water and weather-resistant product. Use code FHMATCH12 for 12% off!