At long last, spring is just around the corner! Even if you’re still digging yourself out of snow where you live, fresh produce availability is increasing exponentially and is a welcome change from the root vegetables of winter. Why not spring clean your diet with some of these in-season fruits and vegetables? Avocados When the cost of avocados comes down to a reasonable price in the spring, there is reason to celebrate. These cool, creamy technically-fruits are packed with monounsaturated fats that are excellent for cardiac health. They make a balanced breakfast when spread on toast and topped with hardboiled eggs, or a nice addition to salad. The healthy fats help you to better absorb the nutrients in the raw veggies. Kiwi There’s no denying that kiwis add a bright, beautiful element to fruit salads, but when you see them in their brown and fuzzy glory in the grocery store, you might be turned off. Don’t dismiss it just yet – kiwis are not only known for their high vitamin C content and antioxidant properties, but have also recently been shown to improve sleep quality. Ripe kiwis can be eaten whole (skin and all!) or thrown in a smoothie for a superfood boost. Rhubarb Rhubarb is packed with vitamin C, calcium, and fiber – and even contains a little protein! It’s also known for its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Rhubarb can be enjoyed in sweet or savory preparations, although it pairs especially well with flavors like vanilla, orange, and ginger. Try poaching rhubarb or adding it to pie for a healthier dessert. Artichokes You may notice that artichokes are starting to pop up in grocery stores now, but how exactly do you tackle that spiky vegetable? Steaming them is one of the easiest and healthiest preparations (although dipping the petals into melted butter is a recommended step that somewhat cuts into the health factor). Still, artichokes support good digestion and liver wellness, no matter how you choose to enjoy them. They’re also filled with folic acid, which is especially beneficial to expecting mothers. Radishes Radishes are small, slightly sharp in flavor, and often overlooked in the produce aisle. This low-calorie vegetable is a great salad add-in, and offers a high concentration of vitamin C for its size. They’ve also been shown to aid in digestion, which is perfect when you’re coming off a winter filled with rich comfort foods. Spring greens What better time to toss together a salad than in the beginning of spring? This month brings all types of spring greens into season, including spinach, arugula, dandelion greens, and frisee. Ditch the watery iceberg in favor of these greens instead, and you’ll be supercharging your vitamin intake in no time. Now is the time to hit the refresh button and incorporate some new produce into your diet, so give some of these tasty fruits and veggies a try!