Working from home must seem like paid vacation to those who get up every morning and commute to their workplace. Little do they know about the horrors of home offices, that almost every telecommuter has experienced in the beginning of a home career. Doing business while at home, unless you’ve learned the lesson, can turn into a chaotic work around the clock with overlapping household issues, where little gets done while too much time gets wasted. Such messy regime immediately reflects on our looks, mood and eventually health. Avoid common traps of this lifestyle, be fit, optimistic and organized while getting the best of work and home. Organize and set boundaries Structure your day, establish a routine, set boundaries and rules that you will follow no matter what. The well-organized day is a backbone of every successful business and happier life, so take the time to schedule your tasks, breaks, and leisure. Set up your working hours and do not overwork, unless it is ’’one of those days at work’’. Avoid working on weekends or holidays for it can only bring you down and it’s simply not worth it. Make sure to take a lunch break in addition to few small breaks during the working day, just to stretch or to cool down a bit. Remember to go easy on yourself, regarding work, home and work out. Chair Since working from your cozy home, you’ll probably pick some comfy chair for work. Instead of nesting in your favorite armchair, trick yourself by sitting in not so much comfy chair just for the sake of taking breaks. The uncomfortable position will remind you to get up and stretch, so while you’re up, make a few push ups and spice it up with a few squats. The far better option is to use a stability ball as your office chair since it is a perfect piece of workout equipment that will benefit you by only sitting on it. Aside from being useful when exercising, sitting on a stability ball will strengthen your trunk area and improve your posture. Snacks Use your lunch break to make some quick and healthy meal and in between, do your best not to eat for the sake of chewing. Nasty habit, but if you can't resist a snack, make it a healthy snack and place it at your arms reach. This cunning tactic may prevent you from going to the fridge and treating yourself with a family pack of chocolate ice cream. The right choice of healthy snacks can help you burn the fat, improve your health and even boost productivity at work. Clever use of time Among others, working from home has one beautiful advantage of not getting up earlier and spending time on preparing and getting to and from work. Make sure not to lose this precious time, but to use it in the best possible way, by warming up and working out before and after work. There is no better way than to begin the early morning with yoga poses and Sun Salutations before starting your work day. The benefits of such practice will show instantly and will last during the day. Use every short break to work out a little and to energize your body even more. Dress for work(out) Again on the benefits of telecommuting, you get to set up the dress code. Working in pajamas is so last year, so dress as if you are on your regular visit to the gym. Comfy yoga pants and a tank top will make you move more and be more active. You can check out Lasculpte yoga pants & tights Australia online in order to find the outfit you like the most. To make sure your outfit will serve its purpose, use the old trick from any gym and place a mirror near by. That way you’ll get to check on your posture while working and enjoy working out in the best possible company. Working at home can be somewhat challenging, but once you learn to avoid traps, master the skill of organizing and discipline yourself enough to follow the schedule, results will show in no time. Your business will grow, while your waist will get thin. It is a recipe for inevitable success, in life and business as well. About the author: Aside from primary area of interest and expertise in business consulting, Ian could be tagged also as a passionate sports fan, nature and photography enthusiast, always trying to keep up to date with health and wellness trends and education.