We hope you’ve already started your morning lengths after reading our Part I guide to the benefits of a pre-work morning swim. Here’s a round-up of the benefits we unleashed in Part I and some more fabulous reasons why you should carry on swimming or get started if you haven’t already. Get your swim in before you set off to the office and you’ll have a more focused and productive day at work. That has to be a swim win. The swimming lap recap In case you haven’t read Part I of our pre-work morning swim guide, here’s a quick recap. Where to go: There are several places you can go to enjoy the benefits of a pre-work morning swim. These include the sea, rivers, lakes, natural swimming ponds, public swimming pools, lidos, or even have your own private pool installed in the back garden. Pool installation experts, Compass Pools, offer lots of options, including innovative treadmill pools. Benefits Part I: The health benefits of a pre-work morning swim are numerous. Swimming helps you to avoid injury (swimming is a low impact workout, whereas running, aerobics classes and many fitness sports are high impact and more prone to injuries). Swimming as regular exercise also helps you to lose weight, especially if combined with healthy eating. Plus there are oodles of health benefits such as increasing lung capacity, improving cardio fitness and building muscle strength. 4 reasons why swimming before work is good for your work-life. We looked at 3 great health benefits in Part I, and if they weren’t enough to convince you, here are 4 more reasons why a pre-work morning swim can do more than you think it will. 1. A calm start to the day Many business gurus start their day with a morning meditation, and you may be surprised to learn that spending time in the water brings similar benefits. Swimming is actually a meditative form of exercise. When you are concentrating on swimming technique and the breath, your mind is given a break from the perpetual whirring you encounter throughout the day, which means you start work with a clear head. 2. Lowers stress levels Research commissioned by the world’s leading swimwear brand, Speedo, found that swimming helps to release stress and tension. In the fieldwork, conducted by research specialists Ipsos MORI, 74 per cent of those interviewed reported that swimming provided the perfect way to unwind. De-stressing keeps you more focused at work. 3. Makes you smarter A four-year project by the Griffith Institute for Educational Research in Australia found that children who swim regularly demonstrate more advanced cognitive and physical abilities as compared to children who don’t swim. It’s another swim win. 4. Keeps you working for longer Swimming is one of three sports shown to significantly reduce cardiovascular disease mortality risks. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine looked at six different types of sports. Significant reductions in mortality due to any cause were found in those who regularly participated in swimming, racquet sports or aerobics. Jump in and make a splash to get 4 these great work-life benefits and much more! Mike James is an independent writer - specialising in business management and online security. When not working, Mike likes to escape the stresses and challenges of this role by keeping fit, eating healthily and relaxing with water based therapies. Or, as the Romans said: Salus per Aqua (aka 'SPA').