Whether you are looking to lose body fat or simply want to improve your health, managing your blood sugar levels will be critical to success. Any time you eat highly processed simple carbohydrates, your blood sugar level will increase, which will then place great stress on your body as your pancreas has to release a high dose of insulin to go in and control the situation. As insulin (a hormone that manages blood sugar) comes into the bloodstream, it’ll take out the excess glucose present and move them into storage. Usually, this is your body fat stores. Therefore, high blood sugar levels throughout the day tend to lead you to rapid fat gain. Clearly not what you want. So what can you do to control your blood sugar? Fortunately, eating certain foods will do the trick perfectly. Let’s go over the best foods to include in your diet so that you can manage your blood glucose levels. Salmon Salmon is an excellent blood sugar stabilizing food because it contains protein, which has very little impact on blood sugar and dietary fat, which prolongs the digestion period. If you eat a meal containing salmon, this can go a long way towards keeping you stable for hours ahead. Not to mention the fats found in salmon can improve insulin sensitivity, which means that when you do eat carbohydrates, your body is better able to manage them without those blood sugar spikes and crashes. Cottage Cheese Cottage cheese is another great food for managing your blood sugar because it’s also extremely slow digesting in nature. Cottage cheese contains the type of protein called casein, which breaks down most slowly in the body compared to all other protein varieties. Cottage cheese is great as a snack at any time and will provide a quality source of amino acids to your body as well. Nuts And Nut Butter Nuts or nut butter are another excellent food for including in your diet plan. Nuts stabilize blood glucose levels thanks to the fact they contain protein, fiber, as well as healthy fats. It really is the best combination you could ask for if you are hoping to stay on an even keel. Smear a little nut butter on some of the carb sources you eat – such as bananas, apples, or whole grain toast to help prevent the blood glucose spike that could otherwise come from these foods. Leafy Greens Leafy greens are another must-have for blood sugar stabilization. They’re so low in calories that they hardly impact blood sugar at all and thanks to their high fiber content, they’ll actually help slow the digestion of any other foods you eat them with. Leafy greens contain very little sugar themselves, which is not the case for all vegetables. For instance, carrots, red peppers, and tomatoes are all relatively high in sugar content, so you do need to be careful about eating these vegetables if maximum blood sugar control is your mission. Of course there are many foods that are far worse than those vegetables, so overall they are still great choices, just do be aware they contain that added sugar. So there you have a few of the best foods to eat to manage your blood sugar level. If you don’t have these in your diet plan, consider getting them in place so you keep your levels normalized at all times.