Fruit is a highly controversial topic when it comes to fat burning as many people aren’t quite sure whether they should or shouldn’t be consuming it. Is fruit going to help promote greater weight loss or will it just hinder the process? The first thing to realize is that first, fruit is a good choice for weight control provided it’s eaten in moderation. It’s relatively low in calories, it’s high in nutrients, and it can satisfy your craving for something sweet. Not to mention it also comes packed with dietary fiber, which will help control blood sugar and hunger levels. This said, some fruits are definitely better than others. Which are best? Let’s go over the best fruits to eat if you want to experience optimal fat burning. Berries The first fruit to consider if you want to kick-start your fat burning is fresh berries. Berries are loaded in antioxidants, so are one of the healthiest fruits that you could eat. In addition to that, they’re relatively low in total calories with most berries coming in at not much more than 50 per cup. This makes them an easy add to just about any diet. Finally, berries also contain relatively low amounts of sugar, especially if you opt for raspberries, so for those who are looking to maintain optimal control over their blood glucose levels, berries are the perfect go-to. Grapefruits Grapefruits are another good fruit to eat for fat burning. While they may not hold the superpowers that the grapefruit diet, a crash diet that’s not recommended says they do, that doesn’t mean they aren’t beneficial. Grapefruits are also quite low in total sugar content since they offer more of a sour, tart taste, and rank low on the GI index because of it. Grapefruits are also very rich in vitamin C content, so will give you a nice immune boost as well. If you feel a cold coming on, you’re just as well off having a grapefruit as you are an orange. Melons Melons are next up on the list of fruits that are great for fat burning. Also rich in vitamin C and fiber, melons are quite low in calories as well, at just 50 per cup. Watermelon is even lower and is a great way to get your hydration needs met when you just can’t stand the thought of having another glass of water. Placing some watermelon in the freeze for 20 minutes can be the perfect sweet summer treat when you need to cool down. Avocado Finally, the last fruit to take in is avocado. Unlike most fruits, avocado is actually very high in total fat content and low in sugar content. This makes it more ideal for eating later in the day when your carb intake should be lower and as a way to help get your healthy fat intake up. Avocado is also a great source of vitamin E, so will help promote healthier skin, hair, and nails. Eat it in moderation however as the calories will add up quickly. So there you have the best fruits to eat for fat burning. Choose these on a regular basis and you can feel good about these sweet tasting foods being added to your diet plan.