The Problem What are you doing right now? Likely sitting down. Take a moment to think about how long you’ve been sitting so far today, and how much longer you’re likely to sit as the day or even week goes on. Do you work a sedentary job as most do? You’re likely to develop a new disease that is sweeping over the working world. The sitting disease. On average, we sit around 7 hours each day.Between commuting to and from work, sitting during the day, sitting to eat, and then some, we are sedentary for the vast majority of our lives. All of that sitting adds up to some serious potential health effects including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, risk of early death, and more. The 2 Minute Cure Unfortunately, studies are finding that even daily workouts are not enough to undo the damaging effects of sitting. A one hour, sweaty and challenging workout just can’t compare to 7 hours of unused muscles and lack of movement. This new finding left many in a panic, but the good news is there have been follow up studies that may host a cure for sitting disease. In addition to daily exercise, walking for 2 minutes every hour can help wake up the body, get the blood flowing, and negate or slow the effects of long periods of sitting. At a time when short, vigorous bouts of exercise are all the rage, this swap for lower intensity activity may be attractive to many. While an intense workout session isn’t necessary detrimental to your health in any way, you do not need to sweat and exhaust yourself multiple times a day to undo the hours spent sedentary. Rather, get up and take a brisk walk for 2 short minutes, on the hour, every hour. Another benefit? Perhaps these short breaks will help long work days seem shorter! For optimal health, incorporate 2 minutes of walking into each hour of sitting, in addition to a total of at least 2.5 hours of moderate exercise weekly. Benefits While this 2 minute burst of activity can maintain your current healthy status, it is not enough to produce significant weight loss. For increased benefit, increase your movement throughout the day as well as your hourly walking time. Regardless, adding short bouts of physical activity to your day, whether you walk around the office or outside at the park, will help increase your energy levels, boost your mood, and improve your overall health.