The Toronto audiofest is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote the benefits of listening to music at home in the best possible condition. Our event is free with early registration. The event will be held in a luxury Hotel where we use all the boardrooms and ballrooms to create large amphitheater for our biggest and most discriminating audio systems. We also use several guest rooms that were emptied of their beds and furniture transforming them into listening rooms, ideal for smaller venues. Approximately 100 exhibitors will be featuring their audio systems ranging from $1000 to $500,000 comprising of a mix of over 300 brands of audio components. The general public estimated to attend will be 5000 visitors mostly coming from Ontario but also from Quebec and USA. Several free seminars will be offered to help you better understand how to select and setup audio components. Free live concerts will also be offered every hour of each day to enjoy the primary spirit of the event. As Music is known to be positive for the people’s health, didn’t someone say that Music is Medicine! Please click for free registration to attend Our website