If you’ve been staying up to date on the latest nutrition information out there, chances are good you’ve heard about bulletproof coffee. It’s quickly become a hot trend in the health and fitness community and you too may be wondering whether you should jump on the bandwagon. Before making your decision, it’s important to get informed. Let’s walk you through what bulletproof coffee is along with the pros and cons so you can decide if it’s right for you. What Bulletproof Coffee Is Bulletproof coffee is a beverage, typically served first thing in the morning often in replacement of a whole food breakfast. The purpose of it is to help stabilize blood glucose levels and help combat hunger as you move through the morning. As it does come with a high dose of fat content and no sugar at all, it does this quite well. To make bulletproof coffee, you’ll take 1-2 tbsp. of unsalted grass fed butter, 1-2 tbsp. of medium chain triglyceride oil (or coconut oil can be used if that’s all you have) and 1-2 cups of coffee prepared with a low-toxin coffee bean. You’ll mix this all together and then serve. So what’s so great about bulletproof coffee? The Pros: • It provides a stable source of energy for hours thanks to the high level of fat content • The MCT or coconut oil provides an immediate source of energy (which can be a good replacement for carbohydrates) • Many report having superior focus after using bulletproof coffee, especially when no other carbohydrates are consumed in the morning (thanks to your brain running on ketones for fuel) The Cons: • It’s extremely calorie dense – you will need to cut back on your calories at other points during the day, otherwise it’s very likely that this coffee will lead to fat gain • The coffee itself doesn’t provide any protein, which is also important to consume upon waking • Some people may not like the taste (as adding sugar is not permitted) All in all, there are benefits and cons to bulletproof coffee and it’s up to each individual to decide whether it’s something they want to include in their diet plan. Perhaps the biggest drawback is the potential risk of weight gain, so if you are going to include it as part of your diet, be extra careful about ensuring that you are managing your calories in other meals of the day as well. Alternatively, if you simply focus on making your normal breakfast lower in carbohydrates and higher in dietary fat, feasting on protein sources like eggs or grass fed beef along with sautéed or grilled vegetables prepared with coconut oil or grass fed butter, you should receive similar benefits. If you are someone who dislikes eating first thing in the day however, you may find that the bulletproof coffee is simply easier to consume. Consider trying it for yourself and decide whether this is something that you want as part of your daily nutrition plan.